The Arrivals Part 3 – Child Mind Control – the best documentary ever


One of the most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever seen , must look , open your eyes …. Just get rid of blindness that It covers .


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  1. Atom Ant says:

    Conspiracy theorists seem to be retards who are desperate to believe that they are one step ahead of everyone else- only they know what is really going on while the rest of the world is in some kind of stupor. The reality is the rest of the world is aware of the theories and sees them for what they are; at best rather unlikely possibilities, and in general ridiculous creations. I am not referring only to this particular video. The Jews want money and power- not to brainwash us all.

  2. TonyBeanify says:

    Come talk to us 5 years later

  3. TonyBeanify says:

    " I've seen documentaries about illuminati…ufo's…and brainwash. These documentaries are the real brainwash."

    Then why bother to watch?

  4. Subparanon says:

    Talk to you? I didn't think sanitarium's allowed visitors to the patients.

  5. Subparanon says:

    You folks do realize that these 'documentaries' were concocted by a couple of failed islamist film makers that attempt to tie in unrelated events to Islam right? You're falling for not just a conspiracy theory, but Muslim Islamist voodoo bullshit. Did you know that roadrunners only achieve about half of the speed of a coyote in real life? It must be a conspiracy right that warner bros tries to hide this from you in their cartoons so they can brainwash children right…conspiracies are bullshit

  6. Subparanon says:

    To see how fucked people can be and what kind of ridiculous bullshit people will believe. How else can you appraise the level of crazy?

  7. TonyBeanify says:

    Remember the words you said today +)

  8. TonyBeanify says:

    Spending time to watch videos after videos that you don't like? Obviously, you the fucked-up one =). How else can you appraise the level of crazy?

  9. Saud Hamad says:

    brothers and sisters be aware of the 'Arrivals series' made by noreagaaa and wake up project – the key people creators of the 'Arrivals series' are masonic shias – dont be fooled by there anti masonic videos – the wake up projects -purpose is to put you to sleep not to wake you up they fool misguided sunni muslims to upload there series and spread it ..
    For more information see this video on youtube:
    15 الصراع الابدي_سر فضح سلسلة القادمون للماسونية.wmv
    Just copy and paste in youtube search bar.

  10. artalli says:

    You could prove any theory if you wanted to. You know what's brainwashing people? Videos like this.

  11. i u have just described your self go and get a life i commentd one yaer ago and u still replying me u r pathetic

  12. paul pilon says:

    thank you forsaying it real…grow up people everything is suggestables,is macdonalds evil too?and…

  13. bobby young says:

    they seem to e blocking these videos , one after the other will not play. I can find no other reason !

  14. ibbe kalle says:

    Can someone tell me whats the name of this music in the background plz !!

  15. hbk711x says:

    if these stupid scumbags followed Islam there kids wouldnt be sleepign around all the time and women would know whoo there babies father is and not need like 30 paternity tests…

  16. MrTruth111 says:

    And if you are not allready victim of the penises and the oversexed society you will be after watching this…

  17. I think this music was used in Battlestar Galactica somewhere. Anyway, don´t let the kids watch too much TV anyway.

    For the matter of islam, I honestly don´t know which is worse, the boy-molesting catholic priests or the child-fucking pedophiliac mohammed, who was ahead of his time… I just hope islam doesn´t actually allow child-fucking as done by ISIS & friends.

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