The arrivals part 3 – noreagaaa / achernahr


Assalaam ´Aleykoem wa Rahmatullah, The arrivals part 3.


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  1. AlexCute1 says:

    @manluvf it took me to some web page about the NSA/CSS..America's codebreakers and codemakers…I can't quite make much sense of the site to be honest..

  2. seeeeeeeth says:

    the scene with the chopper next 2 that hotel…it has 4 pyramids…and am stayin' in it lol in floor 33 theirs a business club room hehe

  3. @BiebzFan totally agree man

  4. antimasonic says:

    @manluvf wtf!!!!!!!!they so corrupt

  5. Asya E says:

    mindblowing – thanks for posting – i lived in Dubai for a couple of years and always wondered how they came up with the building designs.

  6. ash1993 says:

    as long as u guys keep fighting.. you'll never know the truth. watch and shut up dammit

  7. no disrespect, but religion is one of the most effective tools the controllers have imposed on humanity aside from that this video is very informative and i will continue to watch the rest of the series.

  8. Veedon7 says:

    It is not Christianity or Islam or The Torah that is evil.There are evil men in all religions .Men who corrupt religion for power and profit .Who kill millions of innocents .The blasphemers in the Face of God.The money changers in the Temple Are they not our real enemy?

  9. Nada R says:

    If you watch the whole series you will later find out that the media is pre-conditioning us to accept the existence of aliens. I just watched ancient aliens and what stood out is the fact that a scientist was theorizing the use of the pyramids as producer of energy rather than a collector. I am amazed the wakeup project was able to make this connection and watching that show only confirmed my belief in the arrivals
    اللهم انى اعوذ بك من عذاب القبر واعوذ بك من فتنة المسيح الدجال

  10. Nada R says:

    p.s. anyone fighting about Christians vs. Muslims vs. Jews are missing the whole point of this series! we all need to wake up, stop the hate, stop the wars, ur only falling victim to their master plans

  11. it boils down on what religion you're talking about

  12. Sam Producer says:

    spinning the sex drive out of control (Men sex with babies or children dogs animals) mental illness (people hoarding, women wanting double G breast, doctors doing, drinking to get drunk, eating things that will kill them off early, etc)habits, illness, heart problems, nerve conditions set off by mind triggered mind control set by direct programming to DNA interruption, yes they R casting spells. remember they have studied long & have the leader that has lived longer than any man ever did, satan

  13. Sam Producer says:

    no, they will not mess with any unicorns, they will not mess up your waking sleep pattern either…lol

  14. Sam Producer says:

    well i really see it as the opposite. I mean they say that little aliens are in your head, a collective subconscious, if you will. This explains why many have the same image of what aliens look like. The media is let loose to tell very little about the reality aliens as i see it.

  15. Sam Producer says:

    the enemy is one that is out-side of the creating God, and there is an enemy we can create in our selves. one that takes men as more than what they are, men, created not the creator. These men then are able to create a scenario that plays out as blasphemer. But we let them get as far as they have placing them where they should not and following nonsense.

  16. ogredani says:

    What a load of crap. Please explain why this "energy" you're talking about is best channeled through pyramids, octagons and domes? Says who? Based on what? And your interpretations of different buildings…give me a break. I would say that pure "evil" is wearing Crocs. They're all around us!! Hide!!!

  17. katkal3 says:

    haha,he got you good.

  18. yamizer0 says:

    I live in dubai.. and I see all the buildings that you showed..
    and the burj khalifa is completely done now..

  19. hi tomarrow will be my seminar pls tell me hw the load is transffered from building to foundation in burj khalifa and about str. system……………………… pls…

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