The Arrivals – Part 35 (The Temple Of Solomon)


The Arrivals – Part 35 (The Temple Of Solomon)


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  1. DarkStarAZ says:

    @Bonasser TY for clearing that up

  2. @Bonasser U made a really good point about the growing hate between both sects. And the worst thing of all is when the shee3a are constantly cursing the sa7aba (radi allah 3anhom). We get the positions of Israelis (& other non-muslims), cuz after all they r yohood and nasara, but shee3a..they are Muslims (even though many things they do have nothing to do with Islam).

  3. taregass says:

    this whole series is brainwashing..and scaring people into faith…

    EVIL IS NOT A FIGURE.. its in everyone..ANY HUMAN can be good and bad.. can do good and bad..

    THES IMPERIALISTIC RELIGIONS LIKE CHRISANITY, ISLAM, JUDAISM… scare you into a system wich they then controll you with..

    you think MUSLIMS lands are free of murder? You think mosques dont have blood in their walls?

    BULLSHIT… .. yes there is evil and we create it not some RED FIGURE make us do it..

    thats just a lie…

  4. You need to see The Arrivals from the start. Obviously you have not.

  5. i embrace you as my brothers thankful for creating arrivals all by my heart my mom prays for you

  6. reginald58 says:


  7. gear360 says:

    no the music wasnt scary at all .
    it is emotional

  8. Flexpap Hai says:

    @BakToTheER Israel has to suffer a defeat man. What are u talking about dude. Are u saying that ur Israel is better than God itself? How arrogant you are. The maker of this video just compiled some facts and made them into one video… Jesus was not God and Allah is the Lord of All in Hebrew its Elah in Arabic its Allah. Now ur Call, are u abusing ur creator?

  9. Flexpap Hai says:

    @BakToTheER WE have a name of ur heavenly father. We call him Allah. Now tell me whom u abusing? Ur own heavenly father. Gtfo lol

  10. azn0nza says:

    the sentiments and thaughts we have towards u r mutual. good luck 2 u to polytheist. any fool who relly believes 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 needs all the luck in the world u can never prove with logic and reason how your pathetic trinity equals 1. im guessing u christians have low IQs

  11. Yes, the banking elite destroy central banks and nations who financially excel without paying an interest rate to the financiers of all war and strife.It is a covert act of war from the group who rule this world, in league with the devil. This is why US is invading Middle Eastern countries, to establish privatized banking institutions to siphon more money off all the peoples of the world. This is how they will eventually try to control us, through the buying and selling of all things we need.

  12. Please share more about the Djinn, I think this is key to your teachings. Are they not Solomen's angels?

  13. Every Video is still man's invention. God has plans no human can pre-conceive. The surprise coming has not been mentioned anywhere by anyone yet. It is far superior to infantile NATO – it is by Creator Of Universe on the filthy common criminals – that NATO Alliance is.
    Humans are very FALLIBLE ! Idiotic enough to get kicked out of Heaven – that tells a LOT. Most humans will be fodder for Hell Fire – sadly and foolishly. Greed is #1 Culprit. Buy less. Grow own FOOD. Less fashion.& Materialism.

  14. nadia851000 says:

    Thank you for this video and i totaly see the pic here ..but question? in the Holy Quran Solomon requested from Allaa to give him a wealth of no one else to have or share after his death…which is the treasure …i know they are looking for it bt i dnt think they will ever find it …

  15. Yeah typical christian attitude…

  16. e wah says:

    Hmm no Muslim ever denied that Jesus (pbuh) was real. But by your reasoning, if Jesus performed miracles which is interpreted as being god by you Christians, then Prophet Adam was an even greater god than Jesus as he appeared first of all humans and out of nothing basically o_O what about Moses as well then? He also worked "miracles"

  17. e wah says:

    I hope you know that Jesus was more than likely brown as well. Palestinian to be exact

  18. e wah says:

    Brother flexpape just look at this guy's language alone. It shouts uneducated. These persons can't get a point across without foul language, or attempting to belittle another, which their Christianity teaches. Because we dress and live simply, they assume that we are less than those in suits. So let the illiterate be brother, don't forget our purpose here. Remember the Shaytaan has many allies in many forms

  19. james lewis says:

    your story about jesus is all wrong brother, i dont think u even red da bible

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