The Arrivals – Part 42 (The Gatekeepers)


The Arrivals – Part 42 (The Gatekeepers)


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  1. Furqan zafar says:

    Mind blowing work done by these guys..Love their work…May Allah guide us all..

  2. tinkerin0 says:

    So are the royal family inter dimentional travelers?? are what we perceive as being aliens are interdimentional travellers??, are we living in an illusion?? bllody hell im move confused then ever!! So what is the reason behind them following the devil?? In the Matrix the character known as the architect is he meant to be god or d?? how many different realities are there? are they all the same or very different?? do the bloodlines want control of all realities & is this 2 do with the holy grail?

  3. @Bonasser Years of studying? More like starting from Part 1. A lot of people do watch this, and it's not bullshit. You know why it's not bullshit? because it doesn't lie and fool you people. That's what America does though, so in reality that's "bullshit".

  4. Roshan Arif says:

    If to get evil the vertax points helps then to get good on this earth Allah has made it very easy for us.. Just Pray and love your people as you love yourself… Finding all this star gates and stuff needs brain… I belive its much easier to good than evil.. Doing evil takes a lot of effort than the effort needed to do good.. Isnt it so?

  5. chaz m says:

    put this motherfucking shit on facebook we must spead this

  6. chaz m says:

    we must spead this to all people that have take the blue pill and that dont know the truth

  7. Yes, they are like horsebreeders, which explains why they all look like pit ponies.

  8. DarkStarAZ says:

    In the end it turned out Neo was ultimately not battling anything outside himself. The battle of light-dark, good-evil, were ultimately within his heart-mind paradigm. Those doors, those dimensions, those stargates are nothing outside yourself – they are doors leading to the inner dimensions of self.
    As Jesus says…
    "meditate" because
    "the kingdom of God is within"
    Doors not leading outward, but, inward

  9. UTMOST says:

    If I were you guyz I would kick O-bomb out of Muslimhood. Something very, very sinister about that guy. If he is supposed to be such a self-righteous muslim, why does he flash the devil hand signs? HMMM?

  10. I wonder if all famous scientists like einstein, newton, plank, Schrodinger, Broglie, Galileo, Bohr…. are also part of the iluminati ?

  11. @DarkStarAZ So if i meditate, i will be able to reach the hallway Neo was in, spiritually. So we can achieve cross dimensional travel through the mind??

  12. DarkStarAZ says:

    I think so…

  13. @DarkStarAZ I'm already breaking the law.

  14. TheAyam88 says:

    Moonlight sonata mvmnt 1!!!!!!!

  15. Mujawar110 says:

    what is the name of music which starts at 7:36 can anyone tell me plz?

  16. TheFafica says:

    clint mansell – requiem for a dream

  17. TheFafica says:

    About Neo from Matrix i found something interesting , when i used aplication Cleverbot i asked him who is Neo ? Bot answered Neo is God! i was shocked

  18. Taniasolmaz says:

    i just want to say… HELP´╗┐

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