The Arrivals – Part 43 (The Symbolism of 9-11)


The Arrivals – Part 43 (The Symbolism of 9-11)


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  1. truth7seeker says:

    Hold on all of you Catholic bro. and sis. Your Church has been split from the TRUTH since 1054 just like a big branch splits from a tree, what is happening with the branch? Is drying out. So, the full picture of Christianity is in the ORTHODOX FAITH not Religion (religion is man made).
    Since 33 AD until 1054 the Church was called THE HOLY CATHOLIC (Universal) and APOSTOLIC CHURCH, and today is caled ORTHODOX FAITH (True worship from the greek words :Ortho and Doxa, feel free to investigate.

  2. truth7seeker says:

    @Bmwfreak68 Christians does not believe in the Bible, and I agree with its modification,yet Christ's Teachings are still preserved unchange since 33 AD in the Orthodox Faith which is ONE in the 4 corners of the earth. What I mean has the same message no matter where the Liturgical services are done.

  3. truth7seeker says:

    @Bmwfreak68 You need to connect with Christians that have knowledge from the 33 AD – 1054 AD teachings. The rest is nothing but a very corrupt Christian teachings based on Divede & Conquer type of Jesus.
    Sorry dear Christians, now is your turn to find out:
    Are you in the TRUE CHURCH of CHRIST ? Go back in History, find out and DO NOT BELIEVE BLINDLY your pastors and preachers that does not lead you by example.
    Where is your priesthood that is mention in the Bible ?

  4. @Bmwfreak68 lol, both religions are conspiracies. both cover up who are TRUE creator is and the powers of the humand mind. The powers of the human mind they use against us to control us. The true religions are the ones of old, like of ancient Egypt, but these been destroyed. Real spiritual knowledge has been stolen and replaced with bullshit new world religions of today. and that's the truth.

  5. teckniec2 says:

    Tucson shooting 1/8/11…..1+8=9/11……

  6. tauriangurl says:

    @ Nazmul2007hussain w0t he spokeabout titanic????

  7. hakoon1234 says:

    Sept 11, 1990 Bush gives the NWO speech
    Sept 11, 2001 (eleven yrs later, the full sun cycle) 9-11 mega ritual

    Sept 11, 2012 (eleven yrs later, another full sun cycle) ?????

    Please be prepared for the next 9/11 hoax!!!

  8. fuck….. bush, nwo, illuminati, freemasons, zionists devil worshippers fuck you all

  9. bogus455 says:

    why so much hate on ISLAM??? WHY??WHY SO SERIOUS??..why so hatred on Islam??

  10. Phase3game says:

    this is muzlim propaganda… see my channel… btw.. there were 110 stories in each tower.. Quran(9:110)- The building which they have built will ever continue to be a source of disquiet in their hearts, except that their hearts get cut into pieces; and Allah is Knowing, Wise….

  11. thnx for the vid in real life the arrivals changed my life alot

  12. rougewillow says:

    Well, not hate.. but I feel I cannot support any religion, or regime that triet wemen in a way Islam does. Christians are bad enoth, yes, but muslims are totaly gone with their hate toward wemen. That's right their HATE TOWARD WEMEN.

  13. for that my is all propoganda..true islam does not teach hate towards woman..plz go and study true islam before you make false a days..even muslims dont understand what true islam is..many muslims are blind followers..they show other muslims being terrorists on the people who dont have any knowledge follow thinking it is what they must do…plz have information before you make false accusations..looks like you havnt seen the whole series ether wich explains it

  14. and i am a muslim who belives that we must not divide amongst each other….shea sunni…we have more in common than we do differences,,same goes for the 3 holy religions(or ways of life) we are not enemies of each other..1 have 1 common enemy..that enemy understands to divide us they can rule..together we stand..apart we fall…they know this and we dont

  15. AJ Awan says:

    Well I guess u believe a lot in media..Look, Islam is the world's fastest growing religion ,and u know what, 67% of all those new converties over the last Decade are "Women".Ask someone What attracted Her towards Islam,I am sure u will get your answer..Dude Please Wake up and Smell the Coffee,The Truth is behind the "Media Walls",go and grabe it before its too late..

  16. you guys may doubt it
    i may doubt too
    but hesitancy will not replace the truth

  17. yarm m says:

    how you sure that the Quran was never been edited? Do you really think all your doing is base on Quran? I don't hate Muslim nor Islam, But before you say so try to check first.

  18. TD Knight says:

    If you looked into the religion, you would know that it has never been edited, nor changed, many have attempted, but failed.

  19. Uthman burned your Quran.

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