The Arrivals part 9 – noreagaaa / achernahr


Assalaam ┬┤Aleykum wa Rahmatullah, Know about your brothers in faith.


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  1. Osu! says:

    i want to join your journey

  2. I really don't understand why muslims and jews have such hatred for each other. They have the same ancestor for crying out loud (Abraham). Isaac and Ishmael….that whole business. Seriously, it's a piece of land, stop fighting over something so pointless.

  3. Umar Rana says:

    if u still doesnt undastand y jews n muslim fyting wiv each otha thn go n die.else i ll kill u alng with em.

  4. Whats the name of the music in this vid???

  5. koreabanzai says:

    ask the author
    i think he… knows

  6. @koreabanzai Thankyou very much x

  7. IamNoSheeple says:

    they are not supposed to fight over this piece of "Land".Their agenda has been hijacked.Where as we believe,all humanity is the best creation of God and all should have equal rights on this earth.Jews are not the chosen ppl of God rather piety is the criteria of the chosen ppl as to send them to paradise.There is a whole difference of ideology,not just piece of land.We have to establish a system where everyone has to put his trust in God.God fearing ppl should rule the world.Peace unto u.

  8. @IamNoSheeple Agreed:)

  9. hrolla09 says:

    Are they implying that, the black 3:40, lady was an alien or something?!? maybe i was not heedful but can someone elaborate please?

  10. IamNoSheeple says:

    @Dannicthemanic .Thankyou for agreeing!Its a big work these days.Peace be unto u.

  11. @IamNoSheeple Same to you. Hopefully more people will see past these trivial differences in ideology.

  12. Keen Khai says:

    gud job.really eye opener.

  13. all of you are chattin bullsh*t and this belief is a load of bullsh't created by the muslim cult

  14. muslimoz says:


  15. dbrebi says:

    very nice
    sweden proud of ur work

  16. you guys changed my whole life i have my life back time to RECOVER THANKYOU

  17. jeffgatesnc says:

    cling to Jesus Christ alone ACTS 4;12

  18. He went to FOX!!!!!! wow now he's got balls. =)

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