The Arrivals pt.1/ 53 ( Advice to all )


brothers and sisters be aware of the ‘Arrivals series’ made by noreagaaa and wake up project – the key people creators of the ‘Arrivals series’ are masonic shias …


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  1. WAKE UP! i think the up loader and his kind of people should wake up , i wont' talk about "wake up" project , their all series based on the beacon of knowledge of islam "Imran Hoesin" , why this shiekh doesn't waste a time and study international relation ! why doesn't he says" there is no such thing called Saudi Arabia " it's named "the island of Arab", why doesn't he talks about "paper Money" !stop Following Dajall , why there is no one admitting that this world government is based on sherk !

  2. 00aliyn00 says:

    the freemasons are trying to induce that their plan is (divide and conquer), but i think theres more to it.. it's not (divide and conquer) it's (divide and reunite)
    (divide and conquer) is only part of the plan, the other part is (reuniting) what they already divided but according to their views and way of thinking.. they make you think that you dont stand a chance unless you unite.. the problem is (unite with who ??), their answer is (unite with everybody!) … and thats "the new world order"

  3. hi says:

    @worldwidevideos123 awesome post, would've been better with punctuation

  4. mohamed x says:

    the shiek is not even tolking about the series !!!

  5. mohamed x says:

    the shiek is not even tolking about the series !!!

  6. @worldwidevideos123 سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  7. HUNRUSPWNZ says:

    all religions are made to worship Saturn aka Satan…he has thousands of names…

  8. @ooribabamama there is nothing like sects in Islam ? What about the hadeeth of the 73 sects ? Of which all are in hell excepted one ?

  9. Assalamu alaikum. Brother, what is the real meaning of "making sects" ? Given we know there exist sects and only one is truth, our duty is to call to it, whether it has a name or not. That said, "sunni" and "shia" are just denominations which make clearer to see who follows what. That's why I'm proud to say I'm sunni, not like those who prefer keeping things unclear in order to earn people's confidence before injecting them their poisoned ideologies. May Allah reward you !

  10. How is this even related to the arrivals??

  11. muhd deedat says:

    the original arrivals did good job to exposed zionists/illuminati/freemason/rothschild etc…..
    the videos maker are shia follower but i think he not the same group that inside this videos..he promote unity between sunni and shia… but SHIA are not islam,,,because they didnt worship the true GOD but worship human their leader,imams, ALI r.a etc…
    in other words the videos maker are in delimas now.. may GOD guide him clearly..

  12. Wow dude you have problems. Were all muslims! This is exactly what the kuffar want us to do! Fight ampngst eachother! Divide and conquer ! I love quran sahaba and ahlulbayt. So stop! I know thats what All muslims love! Sunni, shia, sufi, and salafi. Who cares lets get our ummah back! Then lets argue about things that happened a thousand years ago!

  13. salam brother…please don't be offended but many muslims say that we need to stop fighting & unite with the shia cause we are brothers etc……i will give you a channels name just go over there & see the videos it have & what shi'ism is really about…im sure you will know why true muslims cannot be with shias….anyway this is the channels name…..amskhan2007

  14. haha never youre delusional show me one place in the quran to follow these imams and not the rasool salah lahu 3lyhi wasalam. stay in your lane stop preaching unity when u are not a muslim. shias are not muslims they are invaders of islam and have invaded our beautiful religion. Much like how the Catholics infiltrated chrisitianity the shias have infiltrated islam.

  15. SUNNI is not a SECT. Stop preaching falsehood okay….. Sunni (ahlul sunnah wal jammat) is not a SECT this is a lie a big one too. If u consider the people who follow the SUNNAH of the prophet a sect then you're wrong SUNNI is the only and correct form of islam it is islam and will always be the definition of Islam. 

  16. My brothers and sisters lets stop fighting and hold on to the Quran and the sunnah as much as possible. Let us not be divided. Then our Lord will forgive us and He will give us a reward that never diminishes

  17. I am a Sunni and I think its bullshit to assume all the Sahaba are righteous. Some sahabas killed children in one of the the prophet's battles.

    The ten sahaba promised paradise on the otherhand are truly righteous

  18. 4Channel says:

    انت مقلد بايخ … قلدت كل حاجة واضفت المشايخ الارهابيين حقك

  19. Zuhair Abbas says:

    There will be 73 sects at the end time only one is Righteous others will go to hell. So be in the right sect. Pray Allah to guide us on the right path before death.

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