The Arrivals pt.1 (intro) DVD Quality


This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.


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  1. y u added this song to the movie. it was not in actual one

  2. the reason is that youtube has ban the voice in this video and have given me the option of crappy soundtracks.. so |'ve chosen this one.
    |'m sorry |f |'ve offended you in any way.
    My intention is only to deliver the message of the Arrival series.. :)

  3. ok. i am sorry if u feel my words! actually this effort is done by Abdullah Hashim and his team members. And u know, i have special love for Abdullah! He has done a great job. Infact, i said that because you have broken the copyright laws. Otherwise, i am not intended to say it to you!
    Just forgive meok if your intention was pure, then Allah knew all things! He is aware of what we hide in our heart! If you did it with good intention, then may Allah bless u! Otherwise copyrights has been broken!

  4. tanoli911 says:

    can u upload full hd iso somwere ? and post link please !

  5. tanoli911 says:

    there are lots of torrent but they are off u tube ..not good quality…make torrent and upload Thanks!

  6. the arrivals DVD is now on sale at wakeupproject2010 com 

  7. ngonea says:

    excellent work, thanks for producing and posting, for those who want to research deeper, see: Phil Valentine – Cosmic Codex on yt

  8. 100% Wisdom! God Bless! Constructive Criticism. My Background: I have served as reviewer 4 major publishing houses. Presentation not suitable 4 'We, The Zombies' with 5-min attention life-span (at best), most of which live and may influence The New Roman Empire. Give ASAP: Table of Contents; Simpler Version (ex. Arrivals101); Complex Option (ex. Arrivals201). God Willing, The Zombies will drop remote control (& junkfood) & learn. Colleagues r working on this (no space): Sail (dot) To / 666_Key

  9. no it isn't….it's a natural..even reading the quran is music by your voice….so music is god given except if you use it to do haram things

  10. Checkout17 says:

    samuraichuck87 speaks the truth. MUSIC IS HARAM !!! Only some instruments are allowed in some places like marriage par example. And the Qur'an you must recite! Its forbidden to ricite it and make music vocals if you read the Qur'an! Its sounds amazing anough if you ricite it like you should. Allah a Akbar! Alhamdouli'Lah! Peace be with you all.

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