The Arrivals pt 1


A Noreagaaa and Achernahr production, Inspired from the works of Abdullah Hashem. ‘The Arrivals’ is a documentary film , it is an awakening documentary that …


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  1. Harm Won says:

    Do not mix Islam with Christianity. Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is Antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son..1 John 2:22

  2. Harm Won says:

    No brother I am not divided from my Muslim brothers but I do what them to be saved and it is only through Jesus Christ. " And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life." 1 John 5:20

  3. ummm jesus christ did exist. using language, anything makes sense to the majority of people. that is what these government conspiracies do. find God within urself and everything around u and free yourself from social conditioning and you will be just fine. there is no need to fear anything, including this documentary which demonizes others as a projection of fear that someone or something out there controlling them. find a true guru, one that many trust with spiritual questions!

  4. HananOZ says:

    @Turkish2023 A3oudo Billahi Brother, wake up and have fear in Allah swt….remember all ur words are recorded and on the last day will be read back to you. Time for us muslims to stand together, insha'Allah…

  5. @Turkish2023 Brother, now is the time to come together, not spread more manure around and go ha ha ha. These guys have made a fine film, that gives a very good perspective on the world today. Try not to act so damn ignorant, and grow a little as a person. Loose Change, Zeitgeist, the Arrivals, etc, all have their place. Grow brother, grow as a person, not as some angry, immature jerk who puts down others' honest efforts. At this point, you are not that impressive as a man.

  6. @Turkish2023 You are blinded by your hatred. I guess you honestly believe that the reason for Arab hostility against Israel and the West is because, "they hate are freedom and values." NO, they are hostile because we are sending predator drones to kill so called suspected militants. I am not Arab, or Muslim, but I am beginning to understand their point of view when I read such blatant hatred such as that coming from you. Contribute something positive, and yes, grow a little as a person. 

  7. Turkish2023 is an uneducated troll. He needs to read about Winston Churchill drawing "lines in the sand." Or how the Kurds were purposely divided and given no homeland, or how the Sunnis and the Shia were pitted against each other. I am not Arab or Muslim, but I am beginning to see the overt racism, discrimination, media brainwashing, and Zionist propaganda against them.

  8. Turkish2023 mistakenly believes I am either Arab or Muslim because I stand up for truth and justice. Islamic countries are occupied by the West, not vice versa. He believes anyone who supports Palestine or any Arab country must be Arab. I am a Christian. I've seen it before, when you ask a Zionist or ill informed person about Israels incursions into Gaza resulting in 1000 casualties, they say you are full of hate. 

  9. this is pure shit. How could I end up here when I typed into search "best documentaries". What is up with that "search" function?

  10. Ijash says:

    if music is haram. why the video show music. and why the video show nudity. and if the video aside to the positive energy, why always showing about negative side and fear of dajjal? isn't it negative? islam don't bother other's religion as" lakoom deenukoom waleadeen" said. im islam myself and THUMBS UP FOR THIS!!!!!!!!

  11. mvv10 says:

    @COLDICEPro Just reflect on this: The Bible clearly says: I am your God, do not hold other Gods. 1st commandment, unchanged. Did Jesus ever say he was the son of God? No he did not. His followers missinterpreted the message and started spreading false information stating he is the son of God.

    Please do not make this mistake, it is so serious By all means be a Christian but let Jesus just be one of God's messengers… I learnt as a 12 year old in Christian religion class that Bible was altered!

  12. mvv10 says:

    @harmwon Please do not forget the first commandment: I am your God, do not hold other Gods. Simple and clear, uncorrupted message. Jesus pbuh never preached he was God, if he had it would be written all over Bible. And how could he have? It would have been against the 1st commandment! Christians were ordered in Gospel of Barnabas to follow the next Prophet named Muhammad or Ahmad, but this Gospel was removed from the Bible. I learnt in Christian religion lesson that Bible was changed by people

  13. If I am right this music is from the movie The Fountain. What beautiful music over a piece of shit propaganda. Islam has a secret desire to convert everyone to Islam just like any other religion. That is the only real conspiracy here.

  14. And it is said in the Quran that everything happens because of Allah. If that is so then what George Bush, Dajjal and even what you are doing is all God's work. Its really just a conspiracy of one.

  15. @suezyrocks13 I never followed any religion. From birth I ve never had to. Stop assuming shit. I am an atheist. I stopped wasting time on religious talks and arguments a long time ago. It was my mistake to comment here. If you think that any "religion" works then you are the one that needs a reality check. Take a look around.

  16. But most people have no idea about whats going on

  17. Gele Hney says:

    ??.. but we r of the same genealogy. i agree with asalar8. all dat!

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