The Arrivals Pt. 11 (Ilmu Hitam Musik)


Golongan elit cuba menguasai minda kita dengan menyampaikan dakyah melalui musik.


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  1. @Muhammadmalaya Thank you for your wishes. I grew up and live in the Netherlands, but my parents are not from here. I think the makers of The Arrivals have done an outstanding job on finding information and sharing what they have found. And I'm a sister. Light and guidance have been there from the beginning, troughout life, tho there where times where I did not listen, that time is now passed. Have a great weekend Muhammadmalaya, I wish you the same you wish me. 

  2. @solliebollie78 Ok sis, u r welcome. U too have a great weekend. Peace…

  3. @13datura31 religion is obedience to the creator himself.. spiritual is a way of reaching Him, wushl (in tasawuf) and knowing Him, makrifah (in tasawuf), throughout to succeed by His will and help of Hadrat Mahabbah, from the Beloved One, divinely, sacred knowledge from mandate (sanad/authority) inheritance by awliya, and thats through Nabiyil-Qudusil-Mustafa Muhammad Shallallahu wa Sallam wa Barak 'alaihi wa 'ala aa~lihi wa sohbihi ajma'in..

  4. zax ky says:

    tengok ok jer….biasa la tu…..buat ia just muzik…x paya fikir bukan2…….sebenarnya 2 perasaan korang jer yg lebih2…….taksub inda tentu…………

  5. mopu prodop says:

    koboi9302…r u one of the freemason fucker?!!! i should kill u if i got a chance to meet u….

  6. emmett awang says:

    @koboi9302 u should watch all episode, im just sayin that.. btw, its just music as u said.. go on, watch mtv, what r u doin here..

  7. pi fame says:


  8. pi fame says:


  9. Mat Shakir says:

    macam kassim selamat xD senang dia ambik contoh kt negara kita

  10. zax ky says:

    warchief84…….u guna la ilmu hitam tuk bunuh aku……bodoh palui punya org… kalau ada tu ilmu hitam pun kat musik bukan nya kacau kau punnnn…..sapa lah ko warchief84…..sampah tuiiiiii!!!!! sihtt punya org

  11. Patchydeen says:

    lagu p ramlee plak kluar

  12. Nas Mustafa says:

    lagu yg amat nostalgia..p.ramlee gitu,

  13. Hey..she's MADONNA :D

  14. Just wondering- after reading comments.
    If there was much time before the religions of the now known world …. How is it Christians and Muslims still stand up and huck stones at eachother ? I get ignorance, but comeon man. One has a bible – the other a Quran … And actually almost all the religions have this same identical problem. All are holier than thou others religions. Frustrating. Your brothers and sisters ! Stop this nonsense – or I'm pulling over ! 😉 … Great vids – thanks

  15. azim aliff says:

    go watch yusuf esetes, and for your information there was 2 kitab(book) before bible explain that! and yeah dude, do research, cause right now the answer is you afraid of the law and you are following your carnal desire am i right dude?(NuNaiVremPamant)

  16. Its not a Alcohol my friend.. Just like a Grape Juice, wine is not always related to alcohol drink.. but just the name… We As a Christian call the Grape juice is according to the Bible Grape wine, not an alcohol drink, u just predict only one Church can u do some research to other Church, i mean Charismatic Church.. u know what the difference..

  17. Yes I'm here a Believer not just a Christian, When God Came we all don't know, even u know when God is Coming? In the Bible say not even men or angle or Jesus Him self don't know the time only one The FATHER know when he Should Send Jesus Christ To take the Faithful one with him.. But are u really know whose u worship?

  18. ANGELVIRUX says:

    Alright brother. First of all, you are right. No one knows about when God came into existence. And it is a matter of fact that the Bible today has around 1000 errors in it if I'm not mistaken compared to the original one revealed to Jesus. Another thing, God can't be a father right? If God can be a father, a father can be a God too? How can there be more than 1 God? If there are more than one God means they rely on each other which means they are weak? God can't be weak. God is only Allah alone.

  19. ANGELVIRUX says:

    O People of the Scripture,dont commit excess in ur religion or say about Allah except the truth.The Messiah,Jesus,the son of Mary,was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him.So believe in Allah and His messenger.And dont say,"Three";desist-its better for u.Indeed,Allah is but 1 God.Exalted is He above having a son.To Him belong whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.

  20. nenosahaja says:

    agnes monica – matahariku

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