The Arrivals pt.20 / 53 ( Look at how a Shia great scholar and imam talks! )


brothers and sisters be aware of the ‘Arrivals series’ made by noreagaaa and wake up project – the key people creators of the ‘Arrivals series’ are masonic shias …


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  1. When we talk about Shiites,we mean the Shiites of today!
    Those who are killing the Muslims in Syria like the ugly Moqtada the mad dog Sader of Iraq who is 100% Safawee kalb.
    and the filthy Nasr Allat of Lebanon and his mad dogs and the Baseej Iranian army who got together in Syria to kill the Muslims!
    what Islam are you talking about these bastards belong to?
    These Imams are kid of Satan and do market for the love of Satan! Proof?

    Video#1الشيطان طلع شيعي

    ht tp://youtu. be/j3eB27mMbZk

    2 spaces

  2. TheAQ Attica says:

    and I just wanna say..just because some men talk in the videos doesnt define the people…everyone is individuals….just like Allah SWT judge you as a person by YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS…we also shouldn't judge all people just because some scholars spoke doesnt define people…and they way you set people in one category itself is wrong…

  3. TheAQ Attica says:

    and people of Iraq aint getting killed?????Daily people getting killed…dont flip it on certain people….and it is wrong to call others bastards..A muslim shouldnt talk ill words or accuse others….have you lived in their bedroom to know all committed adultary?Say (O Muhammad), Produce your proof if you are truthful”
    [al-Baqarah 2:111]
    “Since they produce not witnesses, they are the liars in the sight of Allaah”
    [al-Noor 24:13] 

  4. why did you forget all about these verses and ignored how mislead you are
    in terms of so many things! most important of all, is the core if Islam, The Holy Quran!
    The interpretation of Quran is a game according to your Shiite Imams!
    This is how they mislead people!

  5. TheAQ Attica says:

    misled?I am not misled.nor forgot the verses..more likely you are blinded with hatred…nor I judge others call them mushrikiin..because i let Allah judge us…Because the Only Judge is Allah SWT..who am i to tell who is mushrik or kafir..if I dont know if my deeds are accepted..even you by yourself dont know if your own actions are dont judge others…only Allah SWT can do that

  6. TheAQ Attica says:

    it doesnt mean others are polytheists…and when it comes to Israel i think all leaders work with Israel all arab leaders and europeans too and americans…tell me when the insulting video of Prophet Muhammad S. were published…did the arab leaders stop selling oil…not even the king of Saudi Arabia did that…

  7. TheAQ Attica says:

    so before you talk…point your point to the leaders not blame the people….and instead of accusing muslims…try to to defend islam because here in Europe Sunnis and Shias both defend Islam..they dont see hatred..because the world tries to portray our Prophet (S.) as bad.

  8. TheAQ Attica says:

    since you care so much why didnt you speak about the video that was done to diss our Prophet S. you just here have the courage to diss your muslim brothers instead of not trying to defend Islam while the press tries to disgrace it!

  9. In a private message to you,
    I showed you this list of YouTube that we have already shut down!

    would you care count them and list them here so answer yourself?

  10. TheAQ Attica says:

    and when I do good..I do not brag about it:)the good deeds are the unseen ones..the ones that are kept between you and Allah SWT:)

  11. These days they will try every evil in the book to divide Shias and Sunni. They use the above misinformation (dubbed video) to sow the seed of hatred. They will attack Sunni posing as Shias & attack Shias posing as Sunni – AND get both parties to attack each other – 'Divide and rule'.

  12. Your Nimir was a pig !
    and he was not killed !!
    I wish they would just send him to the dirty Majoos land!
    so he can compare the treatment he will get over there to the one he enjoyed in KSA!

  13. Thanks to Allah,the Saudi citizens are enjoying the life of princes.
    There are amongst the wealthiest people in the world.
    Where as you rejectionests of Bani Rafdhoon,are made to get used to eating the wastes of your Imams and to drinking their urine and you glorify their saliva!
    Your bring bottles of water and your Imam spits into your bottle so you can enjoy his saliva!
    Your Imam makes Halal Haram and makes Haram Hala!
    This in the Quran is called worshiping your Imam and punishable by hellfire

  14. Aadan Samane says:

    May he go to hell humiliated this priest/blasphemer! Aameen!

  15. Aadan Samane says:

    Are you calling Umar Ibn Al Khattab radiyallaahu anhum a infidel?
    Wallahi he will forever be better than you!

    You probably a persian angry over the way Islam conquered your "mighty" persian power.

    You hate Abi Bark, Umar, Uthman r.a, for fake reasons.
    Only because they participated in fullfilling the promise of Rasul Allah s.a.w. If you are unhappy with Allah s.w.t and his Prophet s.a.w, you are a Kuffar!

    Dont insult the people Muhammad s.a.w loved, if so, you insult him!

  16. Vin26Diesel says:

    He was talking about Wahhabi not sunnies ..please stop the drama and lies 

  17. Vin26Diesel says:

    There are 300 + million shia muslims world wide..not all in Iran…ass per Indian prime minister 2008 population count there are 80 million shia muslims in do your count…and many are hiding to ave there lifes…

  18. and check that also on eid of there gadeer they will do illegal sex with that who ever born they respect that child because that is bastard child will help that dhajjal plans so be aware of this fitnas and never think them in muslims  

  19. Raheel Khan says:

    Shiites r 100% kafir

  20. Adam Kenany says:

    sunnis are 100%kafirs. umer is the biggest liar and a snake. Omar mother was a prostitute. why sunnis trying to shut the light of ali a.s. the lion of Allah.

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