The Arrivals pt . 21 ( What is yet to come )


The Arrivals pt . 21 This is the end of Section 2 of “The Arrival ” , this series will return in late August. Catch up if you do not have because every episode has a …


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  1. 99knight says:

    your site doesnt work !!! plz tell me wat to do

  2. Thomas says:

    @363Magi whats it called?

  3. Three says:

    @MillionaireDubMind The Arrivals: Reloaded iirc

  4. Thomas says:

    @363Magi thanks man

  5. AreaBrother says:

    OK WE ALL KNOW ……???????

  6. Wag Morr says:

    you guys could slow down the music a bit , its annoying

  7. @Sipraomer Err Hello… Michael Jackson, Tupac, Princess Diana. Plenty of people have been killed by the illuminati but its not like they will chase down every person who knows about it… Nearly half my schools knows, does this mean they will go kill half of my school? Obviously not, or their plans will be revealed to the world as much as the sky..

  8. Assad Rehman says:

    I doubt they see most people as threats, they believe a lot of people won't find it to be true, which a lot of people believe.

  9. katkal3 says:

    who knew we are living in a real nightmare world

  10. katkal3 says:

    because they know you still wont believe even if you are shown the proof. mainly cuz who wants to face the music if living in our sheltered existence seems more safer. some have been murdered investigate who was william cooper, he predicted 911 and had his own radio show. he was murdered by a cop two months after 911.

  11. brither if u can tell me about ufo's mission and its background

  12. MrEmirTr says:

    One of the most disgusting puppet of illuminati is RTE

  13. vlad Selaru says:

    allways forget the gingers ? :))) yolloooo

  14. kobesaa says:

    One love, from a Muslim

  15. kobesaa says:

    because otherwise, they would kill like millions of people. However, it is true that they dont see the average guy as a threat. look at Kennedy: he gave a speech about the banking elite and secret societies, what happened to him? The Illuminati took the most precious thing, HIS LIFE..

  16. kobesaa says:

    And it also shows how the world looks like in reality. So stop discouraging muslims to watch this, it just gives you another view on the religious parts, and gives unbiased truth about the world and its leaders. Muslims are not afraid of satanic motherfuckers who own the world with their money and banks. We muslims only fear Allah, and definitely not Satan and his companions, the Illuminati.

  17. katkal3 says:

    youre thanking the wrong person. i didnt make this video,

  18. AdnanBosnjak says:

    I m white,light hair,green eyes and i don't care lol…all people are brothers and sisters

  19. david horton says:

    allah is a demon god that has SOME muslims killing their own women and children and their favorite Christians! Wake up repent! Ask Jesus Christ into your heart and watch yourself change! We are with out in the end days! God has been showing me awesome dreams and things! wake up!

  20. Smokey Rico says:

    Bible and Qu'ran warns us about jews yet no one won't listen.

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