The Arrivals pt 25 The Antichrist Dajjal is Here pt 1



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  1. Dashnikian says:

    This documentary just seem to wanting to promote islam as the thruth and the jews and americans are the evil ones ofc

  2. h2dude69 says:


    To you we are Terrorists.
    And to Us YOU ARE TERRORISTS!!!!

  3. ngonea says:

    @yahya9889 -excellent work, thanks for producing and posting, for those who want to research deeper, see: Phil Valentine – Cosmic Codex on yt

  4. mahy169 says:

    @ZeidGho SHOW ME. Tell me.

  5. Tony Hicks says:

    2011 Lybia gets invaded… ABADDON,,, The name of the DEMON identified as the ANGEL ..OF THE BOTTOMLESS… PIT the bible , Revelation, 9;11. FACT…

  6. Amir Mughal says:

    i dont agree with you,,what ever context you read in quran about jews and christians but actually situation is not as like as some political islam and some anti muslims present on you ,,Quran says we(Allah) sent messenger on every nation about 124000 messenger came on earth,, i think only nation left were arab so last prophet came amongst them and had final revilation for whole of human kind and seal of prophit ,Quran never said that only non muslim will go to hell but muslims too ,

  7. Amir Mughal says:

    @Dashnikian now read my first reply to you then start to read this. while muslims will also ask about their sins similarly non muslims ,but there are more chances to pass this test if you are muslim ,because islam actually teach you what real bible teach you , and other Divine books ,,hai hai wait i m going to tell you a verse from quran i hope you will never read this before ,, after reading this book you should ask some questions from me if you really want to know truth,

  8. Amir Mughal says:

    @Dashnikian [2.62] Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.
    now i think read my all replies and then this verse ,, why i m not christian or jew or sabians? you should ask this question from me after reading this verse ,while on the other hand every one can get equal chance on last day?

  9. Orlis9x says:

    @Dashnikian Well it is , Islam is the true religion

  10. El Mehdi says:

    @Dashnikian noo it's not

  11. jon daily says:

    @Dashnikian definitely not in several occasions they reference certain rabbis and jews, its the zionist movement and the americanisation that they target.

  12. @StarJourneyer

    Dajjal Exist and islam is the religion of peace!

  13. Chebbo says:

    Islam is the peace religon. The extremists just disgrace the religon thinking they are doing good(eg.september 11)

  14. Islam is the religion of brainwashed people, The true religion is Christianity!

  15. @Fillistine1
    im syrian christian aka syrian orthodox, i speak the language of jesus ''aramaic'', the first believers of christ

  16. @Fillistine1
    hey im being honest and not being racist, its my opinion im not speaking on behalf of syrians, search "assyrians" on gooogle

  17. @Fillistine1
    wake up, look at what is happening all over europe and the us, muslims trying to state sharia law in cities and trying to take over, you dont see christians or jews going to muslim countries and trying to destroy their culture.

  18. nesreen313r says:

    thank you alot….you've opened my mind 🙂

  19. unsheepled says:

    Thank you for this !

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