The Arrivals pt 3


Who is it that owns the media? And why is it that it is them who controls the media? And what are the ‘Dumbo’s journey’ all about? Find your own answer in this …


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  1. lighthaq says:

    lol I know right…

    but u notice that the pics the artist draws turn out lookin nothing like what they start out to be … so… does it really have a big affect ? .. I mean, u wouldn't notice them unless you actually sat down and scrutinized them =|

  2. If you want to see how the Media is controlling everyone, just think of SEX. Odds are that the impressions that come to mind, (good, bad, or indifferent) are influenced by the media. Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilar, Britiney Spears, Beyonce are all meant to keep are tongues hanging out. I remember seeing some young Tulane girls being uncomfortable with katy perry's new video. I told them it was brainwashing and focusing on genital sex. They honestly understood what I was saying.

  3. ocf1fan1 says:

    @asalar8 The full video series for "The Arrivals" is also available on "The Wake Up Project" website.

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