The Arrivals pt.33 ( the choice is yours )


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  1. ots20000 says:


    animal kill each other for the circle of the life to be complete imagine growing cockroach every where but there a mouse to make it equal and there is cat to make mouse equal and that's the circle of life don't miss lead people god creation is perfect we are not

  2. joefunda says:

    2nd Song – OLIVER SHANTI – White Mother Of The Universe.
    Peace be with us all.

  3. This video brings tears to my eyes.

  4. @RonaldoMaxiMillion Cry by James Blunt

  5. DOASalesman says:

    Why was the previous video removed by you – the user? what was wrong with it?

  6. nick davis says:

    Good video bro, you right The Great Creator gave us common sense and free thinking as long there wasn't negative effect in this world; But some of us just don't understand from the the beginning of time to now. All phaise to the ALMIGHTY CREATOR.

  7. Joke Hanna says:

    @kdavisification Please have more respect for the bible. did u knew that the bible has more science in it than in all science books? Who told u the bible is crap?? who told u what is right and what is wrong? u dont know anything, u are being tought. Think for your self and start your investigation!

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  9. mayflower257 says:

    All we really want is Peace.

  10. oomoomsatori says:

    obvious user name? hmm

  11. oomoomsatori says:

    tell others a good healthy story, make them think a bablonmysoul is against babylon, so impressive.

  12. arielquelme says:

    thx for the upload of the arrivals, before i watching this i was just an ignorant islam…

    especially i like the part about chakra, the battle of human energy, & being complete & free human….

    its full of positive enlightenment

  13. The flood and every natural disaster is made by Man itself you say ?
    but every planet in the universe that has no point of existence is made by God just to watch them?

  14. sharafudin2 says:

    no one is gonna behead you,it is your choice to praise GOD or not all up to you, you don't go to hell or heaven for me or anyone else but yourself.keep up the joke and the joke well be on you.

  15. sharafudin2 says:

    Believe what you want to believe Al kaida is not a religion,every country every ethnic there is fanatics in it i think your talking like someone who is close minded about what is really going on i am not trying to insult you or anything, everything is not black and white like they used to say do more research.

  16. sharafudin2 says:

    All i can tell you is i or you are not responsible for what someone do out of anger or hate i don't know those people personaly you don't either so don't jugde before you know one or something for that matter peace friend,There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Tâghût and believes in God (ar. Allah), then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And God is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

  17. sharafudin2 says:

    There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path. لاَ إِكْرَاهَ فِي الدِّينِ (There is no compulsion in religion), meaning, "Do not force anyone to become Muslim, for Islam is plain and clear, and its proofs and evidence are plain and clear. Therefore, there is no need to force anyone to embrace Islam. Rather, whoever Allah directs to Islam, opens his heart for it and enlightens his mind, will embrace Islam with certainty>

  18. sharafudin2 says:

    > Whoever Allah blinds his heart and seals his hearing and sight, then he will not benefit from being forced to embrace Islam

  19. sharafudin2 says:

    If what is said or the comment i put throw helps you understand, it is from ALLAH(GOD)(S.W.T) if it don't it is from me it is my mistake.

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