The Arrivals pt.34 / 53 (The Infiltration of Religion and the Shi’ism Pagan Rituals.)


brothers and sisters be aware of the ‘Arrivals series’ made by noreagaaa and wake up project – the key people creators of the ‘Arrivals series’ are masonic shias …


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  1. KhAlEdaLaRwi says:

    شكرآ لك اخي الكريم علي هذه السلسلة الرائـعه
    االهم اجعل اجرها في ميزان حسناتك
    استمر اخي في الترجمة للغة الانجليزيه
    فـ الشيعة يستغلون جهل الغرب لترويج ضلالهم وكفرهم
    خالـص ودي وتقديري
    اخوك محارب البدع 

  2. Gera Inchik says:

    zählt es sich in die luft zu sprängen auch als selbst verletzung?!

  3. 00aliyn00 says:

    @bosasosolja i think u fell in their trap, because throughout the series they showed u how smart and dangerous satan is so u should fear him, instead of fearing GOD (swt), they also try to implement that the only way to avoid satan is by following their mahdi ! so their taking us from darkness to more darkness and using unity as a mask, so if we (all) unite, they will use the hadeeth :"My ummah will never unite upon falsehood"… just then u will ask yourself where is the ummah

  4. This is a different religion all together… Blood thirsty

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