The Arrivals pt . 36 ( The Story of Jesus )


This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and The Second Coming of Christ .


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  1. u it just me or does the 3 day after jesus day n then alive again meant about the
    1 day=1000 years
    1 day=83 years
    1 day=21 years???

    any1 can explain that?

  2. Isabel Duran says:

    This made up story of the Jesus baby is so insane it is funny….come on, you made this up, it is blasphamy, and GOD will punish you.

  3. How does that make the video banned?

  4. girocraz says:

    1 day=1000 years
    1 day=83 years
    1 day=21 years

    My friend, this is the New Dajjal Theory
    made by Sheikh Imran N. Hossein

  5. I been watching these videos and one message that I dont like in this video which is deceptive to its viewers.Theses people are claiming that Christianity and Judaism and Muslims worship the same god and is basically the same thing.But that is not so. Chistians worship Jesus as the son of God and acknowleged him to be the son and the father and spirit in one being known as the trinity.Muslims only claim he was a prophet and Jews are still waiting for their massiah and claimhe was a phrophet.

  6. My point is this.We all may agree that their is a single god.But only one is correct.We christians believe that the Jesus is the most high.God in the flesh that scarificed his life so that he may give us all eternal life through his sacrifice and redeem us from our un holyness.So that we may be with him forever.I stand witness to this testomony that Jesus is the most high.It is his mercy and sacrifice his everlasting grace is why he died for us.We are to follow jesus and jesus only or go to hell

  7. Jesus was not just a prophet he was the father in the flesh.Thats why he is consider the son of god.The father and son is one and his holy spirit comes from the father.Do not cofuse this.This is the devils work trying to cover the truth will bold lies.If muslims believe Jesus is a messenger from god?Then why dont they believe his words?Would a messenger of god lie?The devil is at work trying to fool all of you.Someone is right.What serperates us from god is sin.And Jesus took it all on the cross

  8. @CottageLife100 No, his sacrifice was for our salvation from our sins.With out sacrifice then we would all be sent to hell seperated from god.God came in the flesh. To die for sins.Thats why Jesus said "I and my father are one".The trinity is not from paganism,Even Jesus said he was the son of god.So why would a holy messenger lie? Like I said before you muslims believe that he was holy and a messenger.But you refuse to listen to his message and his teachings.Jesus said he was the son of god.

  9. @CottageLife100 Ive also seen the power of god as well. So it doesnt sound absurd to me. Because god knows me and blessed me.So I know it is true with out a doubt.There is only one truth,one god and one faith.

  10. @CottageLife100 try not to be condescending to Christians. Everyone has false beliefs, ridicule is no way of changing them. You make good arguments, do not let yourself fall to mockery to then lesser the strenght of those arguments.

  11. Alla Maz says:

    Those verses are from the Quran you want to burn ! You see how much we respect Jesus may peace be Upon him ? the smae with Moses may peace be Upon him

  12. We must remember the True Children of the Creator of creators, the Creator of ALL things and everything, known and unknown, imagined and unimagined, sensed and not sensed, did not point to themselves or religion, but to the Prime Creator. Go back to the Source, don't get entangled in doctrines of men, or the teachers,prophets, saviors (whatever you choose to call them) who pointed you back to the ONE Creator. Their message was the same BE LOVE, and LOVE THE CREATOR.

  13. waddahed says:

    @AmericanThinkTank go has no children u ignorant fuck this video proves that god has no children

  14. waddahed says:

    @AmericanThinkTank god has no children u ignorant fuck this video proves that god has no children

  15. cshook123 says:

    @MrAghmed Jesus is the son of God. He is the Messiah who died on the cross for our sins and nothing you say can change that. This video is antichrist in nature and is preparing the world for the antichrist that comes out of Islam….the antichrist religion.

  16. @MrAghmed I'm not sure why you commented this loving and encouraging message to me, but I would have to respectfully disagree, we are all children of the One TRUE CREATOR. (We all come from the Source that created, or allowed us to be created) If you're human (even if your not)you are related in some form or fashion. You kids can argue and kill over man made religion if you want to, but it wont bring you any closer to the Creator or the Truth. Demons or Satan perhaps,but not the True Creator.

  17. waddahed says:

    @cshook123 well lol antichrist is coming from the jews if u have watched the otha videos it proves this

  18. waddahed says:

    @AmericanThinkTank im not a pagan im muslim he created us but we arent his children listen to what you are saying god created adam and hava(or adam and eve in christianity) they are our ancestors the first ppl to walk on earth they gave birth to us not god. god created these 2 people so they can have children we are actually adam and eves children not gods god is the divine being that created adam and eve who gave birth to the humans.god created us to worship him.

  19. cshook123 says:

    @MrAghmed This video is partly true and partly false. And it is inciting Muslims to violence.

  20. IzirAtig says:

    Hah. Speaking baby Jesus 😀 This series is getting funny & lot of laugh 🙂

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