The Arrivals pt . 36 ( The Story of Jesus )


The Arrivals pt . 36 Plz watch the next episode , before attacking this . And while ur him take the full set would not hurt either . …


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  1. Oh my goodness,so many lies.Where do I begin?…First off,The bible never EVER said Jesus was born on December 25th,the most accepted month among christians who have done their research is September.Secondly,Bible said nothing about "3kings",those guys were called "THREE WISE MEN"

  2. Thirdly,Horus was not born of a Virgin.His Father was Egyptian God OSIRIS who was killed by his brother SETH.Also the story about the "star in the east" is simply made up,research Horus's story and you will see its a lie.Also Horus was never a teacher at 12Years old.

  3. Infact,Horus never died,he later merged with the Sun god,Ra- but never dies & certainly never is crucified.And there are many other lies please just go research yourself.This false story about Horus was taken from a book called "the christ conspiracy-greatest story ever sold".Supporting Lies just to promote Islam I see…

  4. the reason the religions seem simular is because at one time before the tower of babbel the whole world knew the truth! then God split the language! and so satan used that opportunity to disort the truth! IT WAS ALWAYS JESUS FROM THE BEGINING HE WAS THE WAY! and allah he is a pegan moon idol everyone but he musslims know that

  5. Let me ask you this then, if it was jesus in from the beginning then why did GOD send noah? abraham? moses? then send a son? makes no sense., it is very simple there is 1 god who sent messengers from time to time.

  6. He sent these people because it was part of how God laid out His plan through all these peopl He showed us things about His love and mercy! But the actual name of god which is Yewah actuly means BEHOLD THE HAND BEHOLD THE NAIL! now if it wasnt Jesus well Yeshua which means Yewah is salvation then how is it that the anncient name of God says something so astounding 4000 years before Yeshua was NAILED THROUGH HIS HANDS ON A CROSS? the bismalah is identical to the mark of the beast in revelation

  7. so in other words islam is ANTICHRIST its no a person its a multitude of a man (muhamad) and his name is in the name of allah thats what john of patoms saw when he got revelation! that symbol was written WAY before islam exisited! it can only be explained 1 way! except you twist it around and make up things to defend your god! the truth is satan thought he won when Jesus died on the cross but when Jesus came back and he realized it was part of Gods paln of salvation satan when back to the

  8. 2) drawing board and it took him about what 600 years isnt that the time between Jesus and muhamad? or was it 400 ? anyway satan tried to foil Gods plan by killing Messiah but he failed and actuly god used him Jesus had to die but He had to live again too! However satan knows that his only chance is to fool people into believe that he himself is god and that jesus isnt really who he says he is! the bible says HE IS A LIAR THAT DENIES THE FATHER AND THE SON ,

  9. 3)but the quran says allah has not taken unto himself a son it also calls jesus "son of mary" these are 2 things that are repeated and hammerd home! WHY? this is the key part of Christianity those and that Jesus died and rose again but the quran makes it clear Jesus did not die so he couldnt rise! the key things that people need to be saved have been erased in the quran! dont you think thats strange? its not just 2 differnt books everything in the quran seems to be there to erase the bible

  10. 4) so I want to make 1 last point! I had a muslim tell me he has never read the bible or torah he said they are "unclean" allah has forbiden that to him! but Yewah has not forbiden as much to us the Jews and Christians. maybe Yewah didnt forbid us from reading the quran because He knew we would have already recongnized truth in his words and not be tricked (if we love the truth) or maybe He knows who He has called! Maybe allah( satan) is AFRAID to let you read the bible cause he knows its TRUTH

  11. lol seriously Christians make me laugh! I have bibles in my house what are you talking about! that is rubbish! iv read the bible, i used to be christian! So us not being able to read other scriptures is crap! But you still didnt answer my question though? JESUS SAID IN THE BIBLE "I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." Imagine god saying he can do nothing by himself

  12. That previous message is proof he was not god, he was a messenger of god,Now read this "And as he was setting out on his journey, a man ran up and knelt before him(jesus)and asked him,“Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone. Luke 18:19 lol your bible tells you that Jesus said Only God is good ALONE, he didn't say worship me or i am god, he said there's only 1 good and he is god! i can go on and go on

  13. guess what else Jesus said in the bible? He said "Before Abraham was I AM" and everybody knows that I AM is Gods name and in the context of that scripture Jesus is saying Abraham rejoiced to "see my day" the implication was Abraham was thrilled to see Jesus come to earth! the jews said you are young and you have met abraham? and Jesus said to them BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS I AM ! you can say whatever you want bu in that very scripture Jesus of Nazareth claimed GODHOOD!

  14. You, me, everybody was before Adam, but this is what I mean, 1 place the bible says this another place it says different, anyway them quotes I believe are the added fabrications, if my Quran says Jesus was a prophet, Jesus himself referred to himself as a prophet, the people who were around him saw him as a prophet, then am I going to believe he is a prophet or God?, so your saying Jesus is god, but Jesus prayed how the hell can he be god if he was praying to god?

  15. Jesus referring to himself as a prophet "At the end of the two days, Jesus went on to Galilee. He himself(Jesus) had said that a prophet is not honoured in his own home town". John 4:44 The people saw him as a prophet..
    “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
    When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?”The crowds answered “This is Jesus, the PROPHET from Nazareth in Galilee.” Matthew 21; 9 -11

  16. the bible does not contradict its self not anywhere! Unless you do not understand it or you of coarse take it out of its context! and of coarse you believe that is the scripture that was "fabricated" it doesnt line up with the quran so it must be "fabricated" your deceived and nothing I can or will say will change your mind! BTW it was ABRAHAM !!!BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS I AM ! and He said Abraham rejoiced can you remember anything that happened "before adam" I think not! Jesus did because He is God

  17. the CROWDS answered that is not Jesus referring to himself as a prophet and I am sorry how old was muhammad's wife? 6? I do not think you can trust a god who would allow a 50 year old man to rub himself on a small child until he ejaculates on her under garmetns! Oh yeah that did happen and that is from YOUR HADITHS so I trust Jesus even if the translations got screwed up and called Him a prophet! you see I have seen for myself all you have is a un personal moon god! MY GOD IS REAL

  18. Mike Pakione says:

    She was 9 and reached maturity im sorry but the Jews claim Joseph married Mary at what age oh yeah 12 so answer gave birth to Jesus and that makes him the son of a pedophile…Im sorry but as a muslim i say lets stop this foolishness let us come together for the sake of that lucifer does not win..

  19. Jesus wasn't born on December 25 it was tuamas the son God omg please don't ever get that wrong angered me please study

  20. clay rocksu says:

    So basically the whole idea of the arrivals is dat the Muslim faith is the true faith? Lmao.plssss

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