The Arrivals pt.41 (The Bloodlines)


This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.


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  1. DonVivacious says:

    there is a difference between a national deception and a world wide conspiracy linked to the earliest of times. your taking reality and stretching it to the extreme. life is not a simple game of good vs. evil. when you pick clips from the lord of he rings and whatever, you know your tying to entertain those conspirators. but, still, i like your presentation.

  2. Bringing known things to explain something unknown is better to let people understand. They use movies to warn you, so movies is certainly 1 of the things you can use for exposing them. That's what deception is about, people are getting deceived about this life, and guess what we're doing.

  3. DonVivacious says:

    well, im glad your taking a positive step instead of a negative one to expose these hegomonic groups. as long as your not harming anyone, thats fine with me. but think about it, most of these so called "advocates of the devil" are unknown and unseen. bush, mccain, clinton and cheaney are obvious, but how many corporate leaders billionares are there out there who are hiding behind the curtain. we dont even know they exist, and they probably live on their own secluded islands money rules the world

  4. DonVivacious says:

    why do you include obama as an evil gu? what has he even done. clinton, mccain i can understand, but he hasnt even done anything to be labeled as "evil".

  5. To understand this, you need to understand and realise that politics is in control of the illuminati, therefore i redirect you to this link:
    youtube com /watch?v=fTahZE4q90U

  6. Alexander the Great came into power ruled for 12yrs upon is death his four gererals split his kingdom into four eygpt being one of them i think it is very important to tell the whole truth esau came into power after Alexander. The Eagle back than as well as today america is under the eagle which is in the HOLY BIBLE…………..

  7. Dankhead1 says:

    TheArrivals2008, I looked up Barbara Bush and all I could find for her father was Marvin Pierce. Am I looking in the wrong areas? Please clarify. Thanks.

  8. You were close, it's the mother of Barbara Bush that had a affair with Crowley, I'll send you a interesting link.

  9. After the revolution, we'll grow daisies on their graves.

  10. mookixox says:

    Indeed and Ill water those daisies with my frequent piss to show how much I appreciate them!

  11. mookixox says:

    You have to be a complete fucking SICKO to want to have sex with your own family blood line…now I can see why these luciferians are such cowards pretending to be athiests and agnostics BAHAHAHAHA*

  12. bujasooom says:

    your bloody clergy of infidelity ((almohajer)) the shiite seen in Mustakillah debate against muslims ((sheikh khamis and shaikh albalushi)) stating that queen elizabeth is from the brood of Hussain Ibn Ali……NO COMMENT!!!!!

  13. @TheArrivals2008 can you send me that linktoo pplease thx : )

  14. sunita12 says:

    TheArrivals are simply amazing, i dont know how they get all of dis..but it makes one hell of a sens….

  15. telopian says:

    bloodlines – cousins marrying cousins, yeah i'm sure they can be traced back to people like bin laden, sadam husain and others

  16. telopian says:

    bloodlines – cousins marrying cousins, yeah i'm sure they can be traced back to people like bin laden, sadam husain and others

  17. jai bavet says:

    I heard David Icke was part of the Illuminati, along with A Jones and others. Noreagaa uses him in this video and others. Does anyone want to discuss this? What if we are all getting the run around??

  18. @jaiBavet They aren't 100% part of the Illuminati, they do talk a lot of smack, but much of what they say is true. Don't trust everything they say, only some things they say, it's all about knowing what things they say are to trust. In noreagaaas videos, he uses clips from programs and documentaries where A. Jones and David Icke actually speak truth. All that reptilian bullshit and everything about aliens existing in the form kids know of aliens for example, that's bullshit.

  19. @Springflowers77 It's not tradition in muslim societies you ignorant fuck, just a possibility. It's not prohibited that's all, it doesn't mean all muslims do so. But all the elite families do so there's a difference.

  20. As i once heard "the elite give us our heroes", i wouldnt be suprised if he was

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