The Arrivals pt 48 The Arrival of the Mahdi



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  1. the series is worthy and i believe in many infos but there is many other ppl surfing in the world it's not just Palestine or arabs . many countries are suffering can you tell me the point of their suffer

  2. Het Pad says:

    Every video my mouth falls open of supriseness if that's a word

  3. @pinball281 I think to avoid words wars. Islam haters coming to insult Islam rather than having a real debate. But those claiming to have a fair debate were those quoted in the Quran: they will never listen to your arguments unless you deviate from your faith. They accept nothing except if you leave your religion. Those people are evil and not worth the time to debate.

  4. pinball281 says:

    i dont get why the comments are blocked on the origonal arrivals videos, i thought thye wanted people to share their opinions

  5. pinball281 says:

    thanks for the upload geezer, it seems this might be a video they would prefer alot not to see but to take them down would be to obvious and show they have something to hide

  6. Ahmad Yosef says:

    this video contains the music of all other videos(Parts)
    but why only this part was silenced?

    KAGETRAUMA thanks

  7. KageTrauma says:

    Thanks to all the viewers. I'm glad you found this video. I didn't know that many of the others were silenced. I'm glad this one escaped though.

  8. Seyyed Naqvi says:


    There is a 'false' version of pt 48 by greenEho1 also, claiming tho opposite, that The Mahdi is infact…The Dajjal. Somebody is afraid of this documentary. Very afraid.

  9. saif says:

    someone is trying to stop people from finding out about imam mahdi.

  10. thank u for uploading.

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