The Arrivals pt.50 (The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah)


This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.


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  1. vonhous says:

    i believe in jesus i dont blame other religions except those who work for satan peace to all the lord will come o us,love to all

  2. arshiker says:

    Hi , to all the dillusional Christians out there ..
    just think about it , think rationally
    you say that Jesus pbuh was crucified and died , if Jesus was god how did he die ? it doesnt make sense , the bible was written by corrupted jews who tried to kill jesus.
    and to the shiaa's , why dont u just follow the Quraan and the teachings and life of our prophet , stop making things up !

  3. Amir Mughal says:

    @jammydannon ,,there is nothing which seems to uss muslims that americans are evil,,but its theological concept in which we can difrenciate evil and good,, thats wat islam basically made for that,,to fight with evil,,even the evil which is in you,, in this vedio series even many muslims exposed,, you didnt noticed becasue you are not muslim, we noticed it,

  4. SB Hunter says:

    The Army of Mahdi will come from Khorasan (Afghanistan)

    With black flags ..

  5. SB Hunter says:




  6. Keftes89 says:

    Total conspiracy. Illumanati? Secret organizations? LOL.. the truth is blaming greed, money and power, not a made-up illumanati group. Devils and Demons? Have you seen one? Use your own brain, get into science and stop with the stupid conspiracy theories. Stop making videos about meaningless clues and start helping the human race advance in medicine and technology.
    God damn people are stupid. How dare someone use this music for stupidity.This beautiful soundtrack is originally in "the fountain".

  7. "The son of Mary will soon descend upon you as a just king" so Jezus is alive already ?!?!?!

  8. abrinker says:

    I am a christian… and this was the most powerful thing I have seen yet. Thank you, everything in this video all are true and what has been said about all the prophets i thought as a teenager and i was told i was going to hell. thank you thank you thank you. I wish i could tell you my story in full, no one has believed it yet. i know this is the truth i have lived !

  9. b20rashel says:

    @Keftes89 how would it advance?
    human race
    satan corrupted a lot of minds
    dont u think it end of the world

  10. @ThePrismatism12 he's always been alive 🙂

  11. Andre Burgos says:

    OMG! I have been totally re-educated and am going to run out to the nearest mosque and pledge my allegiance. Just kidding. I am a believer in God and his true Word. No religious title. Religions are man made. I will not waste my time fighting over who's right and who's wrong. I will spend my time in pursuit of spiritual righteousness and helping others. In all this fighting over which religion is right you all have missed the point. Loving one another including your enemies. I pray for peace.

  12. @ThePrismatism12 God never let the corrupt jews and romans take the life of Jesus. God saved Jesus' soul and kept him away from this world in the heavens. He is alive, and God willing, he will come back.

  13. seraback says:

    @ThePrismatism12 yes he is alive. He is the only Prophet that is alive. and our holy Prophet (pbuh) will arrives.

  14. alfinesam says:

    @abrinker i would like to listen yr story … if u have time please share with me

  15. alfinesam says:

    @biggiesmallz991 he was a muslim .. against zionist was against the dajjal and they were prepared for the Jesus to come back and fight with them against dajjal

  16. alfinesam says:

    @CommentsSurvey sir arrivals were made by few people .. they travelled the world and come in to the conclusion of this series.. before launching their project .. they interviewed 1000 of people who were already knew many thing because of their occupation .. when they launched their series over youtube .. that has been deleted and their website too … thn they put the series on torrents and distributed free cd's … wakeupproject(dot)com visit their site

  17. alisha khan says:

    i watched ur documentary merely 2 find out 2 c if wt was being sed was tru n i found out it is you shouldnt realy say things unless u got 100% proof n evidence of it im not saying that everything u have said is false but majority of it is and as 4 u saying that the prophet muhammad (S.A.W)s decendants have b3n murdered that not tru bcz allah (S.W.A) has kept their identity hidden so no1 nows wt dey luk lyk nor hu dey r n as 4 da dajal hez not here yt nly allah (S.W.A) nows all

  18. jon daily says:

    @khana18 Before you try and give any sort of criticsm, or put forth any type of argument learn how to fucking spell.

  19. Salam Anuar says:

    Alhamdulillah you've changed bruv 😉

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