The Arrivals pt.50 (The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah)


Noreaga & Achernahr’s groundbreaking series “The Arrivals” part 50: The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah. The series deals with the arrival of the AntiChrist Dajjal, …


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  1. @Yasaernator lol, i think ur talking abt Sayed Nasrallah's speech, and Inshallah, it will come true. So far, all of of Sayed Nasrallah has said in the past did come true, and even when the Zionists denied what he said, they later came to acknowledge it ;)

  2. @jmfergusonhome thanx 4 ur comments – and just 2 be clear, Christianity was a holy religion until it was corrupted by some corrupt priests etc. I have no doubt that there r sum ppl who follow the true religion: worshipping God and acknowledging that Jesus was his messenger. Jesus never claimed to be God in the Bible anyway.

  3. @jmfergusonhome as for Judaism – again the same story abt corruption. Zionists have not only corrupted the Torah but also have books such as the Talmud and the Zohar which allow things such as incest and molestation. It really is no surprise, and I think what the producers of The Arrivals are trying to say is that Zionism and the rest of the evil powers are at war with ALL true religions, and not just Islam. 

  4. the series is actually not my production, it was produced by youtube users Noreagaaa and Achernahr. They used Clint Mansell's soundtracks from a movie called "The Fountain". You can find the OST online with all 10 tracks. But the music between 7:00-8:03 is not from there, I actually have no idea about where it came from… hope this helps !

  5. Rosso Moradi says:

    if this is true about the movie "Lord of the rings" then its not an illuminati made movie.. Which i doubt about. This is probably just another manipulation to lure you into another major war.. They all have taken knowledge from the same historical times.. The day Osirius of Babylon was killed by Christianity and scatter across the kingdom is the day true religion and peace died.. They took his knowledge and ressurected him in Egypt and gave him the name Horus , the new Sun-god. 

  6. Shah Imrul says:

    To Noreaga & Achernahr's:

    I have watched your all the episodes of The Arrival lately, I would like to thank you for your sincere effort and hard work that you have put to built it. Some facts are really amazing and by this time it's known by all.

    However I could not but mention few things about yoru series, I believe you have made it when you were younger so you have tried to make it enough presentable to viewers.

    The things I would like to mention are:

    Throughout your series you have labelled Hollywood as sort of agent of secret societies. But you have used Hollywood movies here and there to decorate your claims. If someone (I assumed a young viewer) thought Gandolf of Lord of the Ring as Imam Mahadi and The King as Jesus – I would not be surprised. You have mentioned Imam Mahadi's arrival and then you show Gandlaf waging his stick and run in horse, are not you here passively glorify Hollywood? If someone again think Neo of Matrix as modern days Imam Mahadi, I would not be surprised too. As you have sited your sequence of description accordingly. Think of the Movie matrix, Neo is THE ONE and he saved the people live in Zion! So what he is actually and who is the machine? Is he the false Messiah glorified or Hollywood tried to represent your story other way round..think about it.

    I also think, you are too much influenced by 2 movies.. the matrix and the lord of the rings. Even in one sequence your one of the team mate tried to run through an ancient wall like that of matrix movies. I believe you ppl are somewhat fantasize by the movie matrix and think as your team as that of Neo's team. It's not of course bad, but when you represent a complex global political and spiritual environment and you are influenced by Hollywood movies then the matter become somewhat LIGHTER! You should present fact as fact and as you have said rightly, truth is stranger than fiction. You should control your emotion and inspiration from movies when you really want to awaken the people. Also it'd be great if you avoid presenting ppl like Leo Zagami who is nothing but a paranoid. He think he starts a new religion in world .. Laugh.

    Look, present fact as fact. If you use a fake to support a face then the fact becomes lie. 

    However your work is impressive, a lot of learning and open minded. Your objective is very very good, but think when you really present fake to support fact, it won't be very illogical if people think you are one of them who tries to deviate from truth in a acute manner. 

    Hope you'll overcome these shortfalls in next projects.

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