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  1. Meme Maryam says:

    Finaly!!May Allah be with u guys!

  2. JACOBI786 says:

    You guys sold out!I suppose DAVID ICKE WAS RIGHT!!!

  3. V4Valdes says:

    hey jacob, could you please give me a link to the source where the great David Icke talks about wake up project, thanks.

    and btw this is not selling out, its spreading the word on a different level, internet doesnt reach everybody.

  4. Achernahr says:

    spreading more crap? I thought you were a supporter timschutte…

  5. Someday you will understand…

  6. TORNaDOE526 says:

    eye dont bLIVE n GOD– eye do bLIVE n tht SUPERNATUR'EL PHENOMENA — ???IS TIS A MV'E– ???a mv'e wit all this noledge n it!!!– WONd'r wht pep will do after they sea tis– ??is tis the bgin'g of the END of the wick'd tht set n HIgH pLACES, does it hv the POPe n it 2- or is the CATholicHURCH the sAVE'r of the pep—

  7. god died for us?…. i can say one thing and it'll prove you wrong… GOD DOESNT NEED US, WE NEED GOD. god put us on here because adam and eve disobeyed him… we are there children. this is the temporary world, the real world is after this world. this world is a test. if jesus/god died for our sins, then we are free in this world-but you cant be free and be tested because its a contradiction. thus christianity contradicts in this. jesus didnt do us a favor. we need god, not the other way around

  8. dsentral says:

    Begining on 5th feb ary news sky channel 806 @ 21.10 uk every friday and Saturday. wake up the world

  9. JACOBI786 says:

    ok one sec, now the show is being shown on ARY!!HMMM SOUND FISHY??Also ur right icke is fundded by the other side!And if i may ask DO you NOT think this side has not been taken over yet???just LIKE IFR??

  10. JACOBI786 says:

    What i meat by taking Ickes words, was simply!I feel they r pumping up Iran aka the coms aka the so called muslims, to take on isreal aka the capitalist aka the followers of DAJJAL!Or is it like Icke said, it would be staged for them to get closer to an owellian state a one world government a new world order!!!So may i ask what do u think about that?????Also if i may ask, when did Icke proclaim to be a Prophet????

  11. Ohmz27 says:

    @Timschutte, i think hes trying to say we shouldnt say anything about Mohammad SAW unless its in the Quran. Since some of us dont even know our grandparents, who are usually aorund 50/60 years older than us. And Mohammad came1400 years ago. So when ever you hear people claiming that Mohammad was a peadophile or w/e, they have no idea and so should read the quran and quote the lines instead of hearsay.

  12. @FIZZYMEEE The Qu'ran was not written by a messenger it was written by god/allah himself 🙂 

  13. patria1989 says:

    We are close!! Thank u noreagaa , freedom to you!!

  14. Ömer Demir says:

    bi altyazılısını çıkarmadılar şunun ya :(

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