The Arrivals – Reloaded | Urdu | (Part 3/3)


“The Arrivals” is a documentary that exposes hidden truths and meanings about your very existence. It opens doors to truths that are hidden by their own clarity. The eyes of a population can be blind by their own sight. ‘The Arrivals’ is more than information to be uncovered: it is new knowledge and awareness, waking one’s inner consciousness.

From the very first episode the viewer is taken on a ride to a new awakening, with some very big shocks along the way as lifelong hopes and beliefs are catapulted to a new destination. This is not so much a journey but an inner leap to an unknown destination point that is way out of the average person’s comfort zone!

Prepare yourself for revelations that will shock the foundations of your soul. Are you feeling frightened? Has this review made you turn in an opposite direction? Is life better lived inside a comfortable shatter-proof box? Is your inner self speaking right now and telling you that what you don’t know can’t hurt you? Then maybe it is time to watch ‘The Arrivals’.


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