The Autobots Arrival ”New Arrivals From Space” – Transformers-(2007) Movie Clip Blu-ray HD


Transformers-(2007) Movie Clip Blu-ray HD -IMDb Movie Info: -See movie online. Netflix Google …


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  1. This is my favorite part of the movie ?

  2. first movie will always be the best one, no matter how many installments will be released.

  3. cranOmase says:

    this was one of my childhood movies.i was in kindergarten when this came out

  4. I was 9 when this first came out and went to see it with my dad nearly 10 years ago, good memories

  5. Shame this film lost the Best Visual Effects Oscar to The Golden Compass, because the CGI here looks incredibly realistic.

  6. Why am I suddenly on the verge of tears? Is it the nostalgia?

  7. Well that sucks for dodger stadium

  8. A.J Thomas says:

    The score in this is moving!

  9. Cdxxxcccx vg………….

  10. best live action scene in the lineup heck this should be the whole movie right here lol. Just Sublime

  11. I wonder how this would look in the Shattered Glass Universe?

  12. Zilla Rex says:

    7:10 There are no accidents

  13. Zilla Rex says:

    8:05 There are no ACCIDENTS!

  14. Deaven Shank says:

    optimus prime and bumblebee are the only originals left ?

  15. "Move out you Moron!" hahaha

  16. Pro-Elite says:

    Dislike the transformers franchise all you want…but the music is always epic!

  17. Jason says:

    Anyone else notice that everything in the first movie kinda started off by Sam selling his grandfathers glasses on eBay. Like if he didnt sell them there bee wouldn't have went to him neither would the deceptions and they would keep looking for megatron.

  18. Wait so how did Sams Parents not get suspicious af when he came home w that hella nice Camaro?

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