The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 1 Part 1


The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 1.


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  1. Kiana Shae says:

    He seems so sweet… unlovable my ass! if he's 26, I'm 26

  2. I stopped paying for cable because I'm a gradstudent & work part-time. This was the only thing that I would watch on TV & now I can watch it again! Ty! You are the best! :-)

  3. He seems like a good guy, a smart guy whose only real mistake was choosing to be on this show.

  4. Is it just me, or does anyone see Peter Brady in that video?!

  5. He looks like Peter Brady.

  6. O'neil King says:

    white Boi ain't got no game

  7. Kandace.J says:

    Really unloveable he says?! Is that joke?

  8. I REALLY want Lauren to win

  9. I don't like jojo

  10. hope yang says:

    he aint even that nice tbh

  11. Deborah Kane says:


  12. Li yue Qiu says:

    It really sucks. He seems like such a nice guy whose only mistake is being on the bachelor.?

  13. none none says:

    Thanks screw you Amazon !

  14. i don't get it how so many hansome men and beautiful women are single and fo to bachelor and bachelorette..Ben H. was still young when he went to the bachelorette..go so much anxiety to fund someone and get married??

  15. Chris Nguyen says:

    mmmm I like this

  16. women reject winners and take losers. it's complicated I know and has to do more with society and culture than female nature IMO but still it's messed up and correcting society requires old fashion shame and guilt and incentive structures we've dismantled. too many broken hearts on the street in my country

  17. Sahara Khade says:

    He is not hot but seems like he is a gentleman.

  18. shiba inu says:

    I hope I don't have to see this dude any more anywhere on tv against >>> so annoying

  19. susan morgan says:

    What a goody goody really corny, i am just a normal guy with normal parents and a normal set of teeth and looking for a normal looking girl i don't fart or go to the toilet either just normal, and i also have a set of golden balls dont you know, who ever the lucky lady is who gets him will be compleatly bored to death

  20. huajiluhai says:

    his parents are adorable!

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