The Best Sniper Of World War 1 – Francis Pegahmagabow I WHO DID WHAT IN WW1?


Francis Pegahmagabow was not only the most successful sniper of World War 1, but he is also among the most decorated aboriginal soldiers in history.


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  1. Thank you for sharing.

  2. TheHuskyKing says:

    I love snipers and this really interested me.

  3. teddy roth says:

    hey, have you talked about Thailand?

  4. Why wasn't this in Battlefield 1's campaign, dropped the ball there Dice.

  5. Caeso1332 says:

    CANADA FCK YEA, sorry eh !

  6. Sarge07 says:

    dat KDR!!!!…. pretty sure he was hacking lol

  7. Anaris10 says:

    The "pouch" spoken of here had to be his" medicine bag" and the taking of items from an enemy could be considered as "counting coup" on them.

  8. sounds like a badass

  9. Bob Deitch says:

    holy crap I found Indy!! I watched Sunday baseball !!

  10. Is the presenter also Canadian? He sounds like Terrence and Phillip.

  11. A film needs to be made about this chap

  12. There is no 'best' sniper.

  13. azhar nayeef says:

    thanks for great and wonderful informations you gave.

  14. they counted kills the same way the democrats count votes

  15. simehong2000 says:

    how about german sniper ?

  16. He also shot off Hitlers left ball

  17. What a wonderful story of an amazing man, who was actually fighting on many fronts before the war, not even being treated as a Canadian citizen even after the war. 378 kills and he survived the war – that is truly amazing. When you know what a sniper went through that man had real talent – and guts. Thank you for this story.

  18. Ode Valkamo says:

    still doesn't beat Simo Häyhä :p

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