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From the outrageous mind of director Adam Mckay comes THE BIG SHORT. Starring Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt, in theaters …


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  1. Hans zhang says:

    We need to support Bernie Sanders to fix the system!

  2. Mark Steinke says:

    Haha, 503 asshole mortgage bankers disliked this video. Any normal person will absolutely love it though!

  3. Melannie says:

    LOVE this movie, I saw it last night. if you liked Wolf of wall street, you'll love this.

  4. Unbeleivable movie!!! watched it Friday, and hell i might go back to watch it once more.

  5. Lauren Neal says:


  6. l1998 says:

    Watched the movie, Steve Carrel actually played well… Great acting in this movie

  7. ad set says:

    Read the book out of personal interest. Worth it.

  8. Awesome movie guys, great job everyone was excellent

  9. arj sin says:

    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Heisenberg says:

    I remember the guy that really did short the bonds. He shorted 500 million worth and had to put up 60 million for the bank to take the bet.

  11. Why is there no woman?

  12. The King says:

    Hopefully they acknowledge the politician's and the Federal Reserve's play in this.

  13. Saw it last week, pretty amazing movie and performances. Plus lots of guest stars too, won't give out spoilers but definitely the best movie of the season. And you'll learn a thing or two about loans and how shady the whole banking/economy/government really is, that is if you didnt already…

  14. Ray Solice says:

    Goldman Sachs screwed the world. They created investments that could only fail, sold these investments to our pension company's and then placed huge bets (called shorts) that the investments would fail. It's the greatest financial fraud in history and has ruined millions of lives around the globe. The US Government tells us Muslim extremism is the greatest threat to the world but it pales in comparison to the mighty Corporations owned by the top 1%.

  15. cupocity303 says:

    Of course the movie had to invoke Left Wing bias into it. No surprise as Adam McKay is a supporter of the Democratic party

  16. Andrew Stump says:

    If this movie doesn't convince you to vote #BernieSanders in 2016, I don't know what will.

  17. It was so freaking good.

  18. pirucreek says:

    Banks are fully protected from the government from bad loans. Thus they make bad loans and collect the commission and even get bonuses written in law so when things go down, they are not hurt. Sort of like Martin Skhreli, he is just using the laws the congress wrote to their campaign doners. The only thing is those laws were suppose to be used by the big pharma that paid off Sanders, Clinton, and Pelousy. Not the little guy. All the same liberals profiting off a problem then profiting again to fix it.

  19. Lola Nino says:


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