The Blueprint for WWIII

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Dave Hodges –  thecommonsenseshow

My next set of articles are not for the faint of heart. If you desire to keep on burying your head in the sand, then go watch the NFL Draft.  Of course, if we do not collectively wake up the majority of sheep which inhabit this country and motivate them to action against the globalists, the acronym “NFL” will soon come to mean Not For Long.  And “Not For Long” will soon represent how long the sheeple of this country can keep their heads buried in the sand as the country disintegrates into total chaos. No amount of cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias and general apathy can protect even the most unaware of Americans as to what lies in their immediate future. The solvency of the Federal Reserve is being threatened and to understand the roots of the coming world war and the roll out of tyrannical martial law, over this issue, I need to take a brief look at the historical underpinnings.

The Blueprint for WWIII

The Birth of the Petrodollar

A novel system for monetary and exchange rates were established in 1944. The Bretton Woods Agreement was developed at the United Nations Monetary and  Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from July 1-22, 1944. This conference established the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

The Banksters (e.g. Rockefellers’) reveled in their new found fortune. As a result of the Bretton Woods Conference, all nations desiring to purchase Middle East oil had to first purchase dollars and use these dollars to complete the purchase of oil.

Nearly everyone inside of our country benefited from this system. Americans basically enjoyed a stable currency minus the inflation rates of about 5% per year which served as an informal tax that went into the Federal Reserve banksters’  pockets. Thus, the Petrodollar was born. If the Petrodollar were to ever be successfully undermined, our currency would sink faster than a submarine with screen doors because there is nothing backing up our money.

The old guard at the Federal Reserve worked from 1910 to 1971 to rid the economy of the Gold Standard so that they could enforce debt slavery upon the American people and government through encouraging a prolonged out of control spending spree accompanied by the awarding of lucrative unbid contracts to the elite’s corporations which would dramatically drive up the deficit and line the pockets of the Federal Reserve owners.

The coming war with Syria is merely the opening act. The main act, following Syrian subjugation, will consist of the United States and Israel and perhaps England attacking Iran. Iran is the prize needed for the old guard of the Federal Reserve to maintain its strangle hold on the global economy. On the surface, attacking Iran seems like a good idea if it will preserve our economy. However, the risks associated with this course of action are astronomical.

Why Every American Should Fixate On This Issue

The Petrodollar is in real trouble and so is your bank account, your job, your ability to get gas, medicine, food and water. America is literally a push button away from the total calamity that we see in the NBC show, Revolution. In many eyes, the Petrodollar must be maintained at all costs.

On the Precipice of WWIII

Syria is the first real domino in the coming conflict that threatens all life on this planet. The take down of Egypt and Libya was mere foreplay. The real action will commence in a few months with the invasion of Syria and the excuse will be to save humanity from Syria’s weapons of mass destruction, namely, chemical weapons. Hmmm, isn’t there a DHS chemical weapons attack drill planned for either Denver or Portsmouth next month? But I digress, this issue will be fully exposed in a subsequent complementary article in this series.

Make no mistake about it, America is headed towards war with Syria and don’t think for a second that this war will imitate, in any way, the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The previous wars compared to Syria, and later with Iran, is child’s play compared to anything we have been involved with in the history of this nation. The “saving the Petrodollar” strategy being pursued by the Federal Reserve is a high stakes gamble with you, your children and the future of humanity being used as their collateral.

Proof that the coming war is imminent is evidenced by the accusations being currently made by the US government that Syria is using chemical weapons against the rebels. In this fabrication of the Syrian version of the Boston Marathon bombing false flag event, it is likely that if there are chemical weapons in play, the CIA is the responsible party. Why? Because all roads to Tehran run through Damascus. Iran is the actual target of the Federal Reserve’s war intentions, because Iran is doing the unthinkable as it is waging war on the old guard of the New World Order, by selling its oil to Russia, China and India for gold and this is a dire threat to the solvency of the dollar.

First Syria, Then Iran

Before one can invade Iran, with the threat of Russian intervention looming, Syria must first be occupied and fortified by US/NATO forces. Occupying Syria allows America and her allies to invade Iran from several directions. Through Syria, we will see airstrikes which will fly unimpeded over Northern Iraq.  Also, and most importantly, the occupation of Syria will be a threat to the mobilization of forces inside of Russia who would then come under the American long and short range missile batteries, which will be installed in Syria. These missiles will surely be armed with battlefield nuclear warheads. This deterrent could provide the Americans with enough time to occupy most of Iran before Russia or China could act with its conventional forces. This strategy, however, dares the Chinese and Russians to not invoke the use of large scale nuclear weapons in the biggest game of chicken ever played on this planet.

The Unexpected Twists and Turns of the Coming World War

I do not expect China to attack the US in the Middle East, at least not at first. I expect the Chinese to move on Taiwan and let  the North Koreans launch its nuclear missiles against Japan. It is possible that Russia might further invade the US through Alaska.

fear aheadI never thought that elements of the Red Dawn scenario would ever come to fruition, but how many times have we seen the media tell us what is going to transpire in advance of an event?  And while we are at it, I would anticipate that China would approach the Southwestern underbelly of the United States via Central America, given that the Chinese control the Panama Canal and are rumored to have troops throughout Central America, including Mexico. And if things really go crazy, all sides may launch its ICBM missiles and their submarine based nuclear missiles at each others homeland and then all bets are off.  Perhaps, you now know why I constantly refer these criminal banksters who have hijacked our government as psychopathic.

Iran Is Public Enemy Number One

Because of Iran’s threat to the Petrodollar, Iran occupies a similar, but much more dangerous position than did Iraq in 2001. As we now all know, 9/11 provided the motivation to invade Iraq. No, Iraq was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks and President Bush did admit as much. But that did not prevent Bush from capitalizing on the emotion from  9/11 so that America would confuse the issues and tacitly accept the invasion of Iraq in which the Iraqi’s were lumped together with all Middle Eastern nations who “want to kill us because of our freedoms.”

petrodollarSpecifically, why did Iraq have to be invaded? Simple, Saddam Hussein was attempting to sell his oil in currency other than  Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. the Euro). He was threatening the Federal Reserve and at that time, he was also a threat to the central bankers in their headquarters, otherwise known as the Bank of International Settlements, which controls all central banking.  During that time frame, these banksters would have done anything at that time to prevent a threat to the world’s reserve currency, namely the dollar, which they controlled.

Following the completion of the second Iraq war, Exxon and BP controlled 80% of Iraqi oil fields and nobody would be selling Iraqi oil in either the Euro or for gold. However, the game has changed, Iran has replaced Iraq as the major threat to the stability of the Federal Reserve Notes.

Iran is economically destroying the US. Unfortunately for every man, woman and child in America, that day of economic reckoning is quickly approaching. China has commenced buying Iranian oil in gold. India has followed suit, as have the Russians. The days of the Petrodollar are numbered and therefore, so is the only source of backing of our dollar. Have you and your family prepared for the collapse of the dollar and ultimately the collapse of society? It is coming and it coming fast.

The Russians and the Chinese Have Warned the US

President Hu

President Hu

Creating the pretext for fighting a war, and then successfully selling the American public on the need to fight the war, is one thing. However, winning the war, is quite another. How serious are the Chinese and Russians at standing up to the imperialistic United States? Considering that both ChinesePresident Hu and Major General Zhang Zhaozhong have threatened the United States with nuclear war if they invade Iran, the prudent opinion says that this is the newest version of the “Axis of Evil’s” line in the sand, has been clearly drawn.

The Dawn of the American Empire

America is in a very difficult dilemma. If we acquiesce to the Russian and Chinese threat of war for invading Iran, our dollar will collapse. If we attack Iran after taking over Syria, the nuclear powers with formidable armies have promised retaliation. America could see its first invasion on American soil since the War of 1812.

It is possible that the Americans will only invade Syria in a game of brinksmanship with the Russians and the Chinese,  in order to test their resolve (e.g. a game of military chicken). However, I don’t think that is likely. The Federal Reserve will not back down. They have already killed Gaddafi and Hussein in order to preserve the Petrodollar. They are not going to back down to the Iranians, Chinese and Russians because it will not be their children doing the fighting and dying, it will be our children. Now, does it make sense on why the elite are driving down the price of Gold so they can buy up as much as they can for as cheaply as they can? They intend to be the last men standing at the end of the next great war to end all wars.

And just how will the elite sell us on war? You can bet there will be more false flag events, with each one being more horrific than the previous one. And guess who will get the blame? It does not take a rocket scientist to accurately speculate that the last of the false flag events will be nuclear and then all hell will break loose.


police brutality 6

It is clear, it is hands off Iran or it means WWIII.  Does anyone really think that the Federal Reserve is going to take this lying down? Could the path to WWIII be the reason that so many bankers have left the United States because they know what is coming?

How do the false flag events tie into this? One hint I will offer is that once you understand the globalist objectives, the Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath of martial law will make a lot of sense.  What will the accompanying martial law look like in this country? The last question is the easiest to answer, because the government has left a trail of documents which details how martial law will enforced and it is frightening. In the next several installments in this series, I will answer all of these questions and perhaps a little bit more

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  1. Leo May 7, 2013 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    @LornaDoone, short and sweet, Nuclear war will happen .

  2. LornaDoone May 7, 2013 at 5:12 am - Reply

    Dave Hodges, you are partly right but partly wrong. Especially about the use of Nuclear war, It wont happen. Looking back we have seen threats to this effect, and nothing happened, and it wont. If your going to take over a country, you certainly don’t Nuke it. America has been under attack from her inception, over 200 years, culminating in 1933, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and IRS, Then the removal of the Treasury Note and Gold. Who was it that said, the only way to destroy America, was from the Inside……Russia, and they were right, and no Nuclear was was needed, they simply dumbed down the people, took over the media, now they are trying to destroy the 2nd amendment. Thats all it takes to take over a country, History proves it. Will they totally succeed in America??? I doubt it, because America is waking up, big time. History always proves correct with those that go against Israel, they are either removed or the Country is disabled. WW3 is about Anti-semitism, and will culminate in a global conflict, which will be over Jerusalem, NOT Syria or Iran, but they are major players that will bring it to fruitation. As for China, she has already signed a Military agreement with Russia, and they will, collectively with Europe and their allies, attack Israel, to their detriment!

  3. Leo May 5, 2013 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    It would seem the options are diminishing after this Israeli attack upon Syria .

  4. Leo May 2, 2013 at 8:38 pm - Reply

    @Vivid, Think again, what is your source ? the Ashtar Command ?

  5. Vivid1 May 1, 2013 at 3:44 pm - Reply

    Nuclear war WON’T be permitted ! The elites days are numbered and they know it !

  6. National Socialist May 1, 2013 at 10:35 am - Reply

    If my intuition is correct the German is now slowly reverting into a National Socialistic state. They knew this will come and the opportunity to take revenge also lies deep in the hearts of the real German People.

  7. Mohsen Samii May 1, 2013 at 3:03 am - Reply

    So many opinions and most of them useless verbal garbage. Yet again if a world war does come the Americans will loose together with their allies and of this have no doubt.

  8. Chaos April 30, 2013 at 10:44 pm - Reply

    Independent Internet News people like this Dave Hodges and Alex Jones refer to the New World Order Elites as “Globalists” to remain un-offensive as possible. Let’s Call them what they are: ZIONISTS. The NWO Globalist IMF Bankster Rothschild ZOG Club is made up of “The Chosen People” and Zionist Puppets.

  9. roaidz concepcion April 30, 2013 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    Of course in this world, all things will come on its end; this includes empires,
    federations, unions,…etc. Because new concepts are coming. This falling of
    empires is not happening in an instant. There are surely signs that would
    show that your society is shaking.

  10. James M Nunes April 30, 2013 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    The Revised Comprehensive Solution to the Financial and Economic Crisis

    Abolish the Federal Reserve and restore monetary authority to the U.S Treasury to create and extinguish honest debt free money to the U.S. Treasury based on a 3 legged stool of precious metals, barter exchange contracts and labor treasury certificates for goods produced, services rendered and work performed.

    International trade and balance of payments could be conducted with barter exchange contracts, for example a bushel of wheat for a barrel of oil. Thus no trade deficit, no debt.

    Pass a revaluation bill limiting paper currency debts to 1% of their gold dollar value of $2,000 an ounce gold, reevaluating the currency and issuing new currency at a 100-1 exchange rate, pro-rating all prices, incomes, debts, and charging a progressive graduated 10% exchange rate fee from one dollar to one hundred thousand dollars, 20% from over a hundred thousand to one million, 30% over one million to ten million, 40% on over ten million to one hundred million, and 50% over one hundred million to one billion to pay down all legitimate debts, cancelling all debts owed to the Federal Reserve, calling in all debts owed to the U.S government by foreign governments, adding a provision to the bill for debt foregiveness. All other debts could be assumed by the U.S. Treasury.

    Somebody is going to have to pay including the people at the top. Every one is going to have to take a haircut. The more you have, the more you pay. It is the only fair method I could think of. It will require sacrafice on all citizens of the nation. If someone out there has a better idea, let me know!

    Ammend Article 1 section 8 paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constituion to borrow money on the credit of the U.S. government.

    Repeal NAFTA and GATT, passing bi-latteral reciprocal fair trade agreements on both sides.

    Reintroduce tariffs on imports.

    Lower taxes on corporations that produce their goods in the U.S. and higher taxes on corporations that produce their goods off-shore and reintroduce them back into the U.S.

    These proposals are just the tip of the iceburg. The entire political economic system needs to be reformed

    • thomas deans May 1, 2013 at 7:49 am - Reply

      first class,if you were running as an independent,you would be my treasurer,all things are possible!!

    • GJS May 2, 2013 at 12:38 am - Reply

      I agree wholeheartedly, much of our problems in the entire western world are the duopolies held by only 2 main political parties no matter what they call themselves. I truly do not understand how the vast majority of people still give a lifelong commitment to one of the two main parties, it makes NO sense when both are just as bad & corrupt as the other & I fear people will NOT act until it’s too late, then sit back & wonder why.
      As you’ve said these problems can be overcome logically BUT this would require even the elite to suffer some pain, something they’re obviously not willing to do.
      Voters are indeed the ONLY people who can resolve this peacefully !

  11. Paul April 30, 2013 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    Full scale nuclear war WON’T be permitted ! The elites days are numbered !

  12. doesntmatter April 30, 2013 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    ppl, its GONNA happen…so all you can do is prepare yourself the best you know how.

    • Leo April 30, 2013 at 9:53 pm - Reply

      @ dosentmatter, I’m afraid your right .

  13. Leo April 30, 2013 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    The U.S. Military, or should I state top sources within the U.S. military see the disastrous consequences of a full scale invasion into Syria, especially Iran and are warning against such invasions . However there is the Zionist Factor, and the globalist bankers which are mostly Zionist that are endeavoring to push each side into this end of the world as we know it conflict . the Zionist must be stopped at all cost .

  14. Chuck Gallup April 30, 2013 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    In your opinion, Is Obama complicit in America’s destruction by destroying traditional institutions, attacking our constitution, imposing unconstitutional healthcare and a general recklessness absent of any altruism?
    And what about DHS’s record hollow point bullet buy?

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