The Brink Of World War 3 (2013 ALERT)


SHARE ! We are entering World War III soon . Israel , Iran , Syria , United States break : we move warships near Syria for a possible strike …



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  1. Yeah they do, the American Civil War for example, someone won in that.

  2. The state with the largest population left alive and largest amounts of equipment wins.

  3. Brian Goad says:

    We the Americans need to stay the fuck away from other countries and let them handle their own fuckin proplems

  4. Grey Wolfe says:

    Keep reading "my pet goat" (Total denial) You should be thankful for every day you get.

  5. Ron bol 200016


    obama is nigur XDD

  6. Ben Sintes says:

    Remember,  the only ones who benefit from war are those who dont have to fight it……..

  7. Check out this video on YouTube:

  8. Jason a you make good videos

  9. The Brink Of World War 3 (2013 ALERT):

  10. I found this on a Google search on a whim to see if other people think the same as I do. And it has confirmed what I already knew. People hate Muslims. (and for good reasons) This world needs to grow some balls and do what needs to be done.
    Like in farming, sometimes we have to weed out the bad before it spreads its disease to then entire crop.
    It's time we cull the fucking herd. Prune the diseased branches and clean the world of parisites! ffs.. I can’t even look at these camel fucks as humans anymore. 


  11. eclipsal2008 says:

    World peace, lol. Whhat happen when America didnt exsist? Retard.

  12. Sosatube85 says:

    I fucking hate Arabs

  13. Shon Dee says:

    its mid 2015 whty the 2013 alert?

  14. Jason what is the fantastic ambient soundtrack?

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