The Cast Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Plays Never Have I Ever


That’s for garbage people.” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! …


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  1. Poop Stain says:


  2. did you know the girl in the center's brother is one of buzzfeeds founders seriously look it up

  3. affalaffaa says:

    Very rarely have I looked down a comments section and seen so many of the same questions asked. Really, go look.

  4. Latte Punch says:

    I've heard of Brooklyn nine-nine but I've never seen it. Is it like a comedy or parody or something?

  5. This is my go-to show whenever I have a crappy day. I love it <3


  7. Emily Smith says:

    Omg love all of Brooklyn-nine-nine.

  8. Jesus Christ says:

    U gotta Love Bosses sister

  9. man where's Andy ?

  10. iduncare21 says:

    what's "jay oh"?

  11. This is the only enjoyable BuzzFeed video, ever.

  12. Abdal Sesari says:

    wow, Hicthcock and Scully in normal mode ._.

  13. FIFA OLLIE says:

    am i the only one who realised rosa said dhe was handcuffed

  14. E Golba says:

    Where is JAKE

  15. Melissa looks like she really doesn't want to be there

  16. Maria Louise says:

    Funny thing is that Chelsea Peretti is the CEO of buzzfeeds sister. (She is the girl in the middle of the front row)

  17. Elliot says:

    The look Chelsea gives the camera after she explains Netflix & Chill. <3

  18. where are the cast members that actually matter

  19. PixelStarBug says:

    Omg yassss this show!

  20. I am fangirling too hard right now

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