The Coming War On China


Thom talks with author and filmmaker John Pilger about his new documentary “The Coming War On China” and the military escalation that could lead World War …


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  1. It is always good to be "optimistic"! I am very optimistic, because YESHUA – The KING of the Universe is coming very soon to put an end to this mess! He is coming to "destroy those who destroy the Earth", it is His! He will take us – who trust Him – away from here until He has dealt with the evildoers and restored the Earth to it's "original state", then He will bring us back and will be our Father, Friend, Brother and our Sustainer for ever and ever! Yea, I am very optimistic and looking forward to that moment.

  2. yzeew says:

    Bleh. I hate all this "US can't use international waters".

  3. I can see whats going to happen, America will support the Chinese Muslims to bring down the government and distabilise China. Just like they did with the rebels in Syria.

  4. It's not a noose around China! We have almost no presence in S.E. Asia. No presence in India, Tibet, Russia, etc…. That is 90 percent of China's borders. Yes, we are in Korea and Japan, neither of which borders China. This is a bunch of crap.!

  5. This guy is a shill for the evil government of China. Yes, it is evil, but I am not talking about the people, just the communist government machine.

  6. China is feeling surrounded because their government is evil and the countries around it know this. Taiwan wants no part of their crap. Tibet (which has been brutally occupied) wants no part of their evil government. Nepal? No way dude. China's evil government tried to take the Korean peninsula! Thank God we stopped them there. I have lived in this region for 15 years and can tell you this guy is full of shit as he is portraying the United States as the bad guy here. Utter nonsense!

  7. RT = Putinite propaganda machine. The emporor has no clothes.

  8. The only addition to the United States in the last 100 years is Puerto Rico which voted to become a state. Smoke less Chinese opium dude. Crappy hate America film!

  9. Jaylen Oddy says:

    eight nation Alliance 2.0? kill some chinese and take some shit?

  10. LAFOLLETTER says:

    Wall Street prefers The PRC's government owned complex to manufacture their goods. Democracy is too expensive. The war's on our retailers' shelves, mainly against Wall Street traitors, not in the South China Sea.

  11. Maxcheeable says:

    blah blah blah… its only a problem if you make it one. Tariff the shit out of them to sell to USA and move on. War is about money now… don't be daft and talk about military events.

  12. Chenran Wen says:

    When u read info on China in English, stop reading. Totally bullshit most of the time. If u want to know China, read info from China in Chinese and just go to China for a vacation.

  13. Love China they are peaceful nation

  14. lucaboris says:

    Just a guy plugging his book

  15. Kenny H says:

    America has been the strong arm puppet of the EU/UN/NWO for many years now. The people in charge of our government have been threatening Russia and China because they do not go along with the EU/UN/NWO agenda! America is run by traitors and only doing the will of the NWO string pullers which is to cause a war between Russia and America and cause the EU to be left to rule.

    America will not have a war with China. First of all China and Russia are trade partners and military allies and combined they would stomp our ass back into the stone age! There wouldn't be enough Americans left here alive to wave the flag!

    In revelation it is China that causes darkness to fall upon the seat of the beast and then causes the nations to set free the Christians slaves to return to their homeland to rebuild. Do you not know bible prophesy? China is the last super power standing after the anti-Christ is taken down and NO it is not America it is the EU/UN/NWO and the Vatican library of mystery religions who created the false christian catholic religion and Islam as well. The catholic church has slaughtered some 50 million true Christians throughout history and the Islam Muslims slaughters some 100 million true Christians throughout history. You do the math!

  16. Hassan Omer says:

    America , The Greatest country in the world is being lead by the greatest terrorists in the world or the puppet leaders being controlled by the most genius terrorist minds in the world. While most Americans are busy in their daily life routines unaware of what their government agendas are. The government of my country is also 100% corrupt. They come into power to do business and make money and control majority of the population by keeping them busy thinking and working to get the basic necessitates of life.

  17. XtubeMania says:

    Western countries will show [ This Video Is Blocked / Not Available In Your Country ]

  18. I'm sorry but he talks about expansion by the US in military terms and claims China is only expanding from a business perspective. That is the exact reason why China should be stopped. Why the hell should the rest of the world be bought out by Chinese companies in order to feed and power their overpopulated nation? They can't can't even produce any food or water for their own citizens so the use fertile land from other countries in order to stay a float. Not very sustainable in my eyes.

  19. vanscoyoc says:

    Meanwhile Obama and Hillary want war with Russia. Give me a break the real deal is the US is broke busted kaput and the wars are needed to steal the worthless bonds back.

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