The Conspiracy Of The New World Order World War 3 The Secret Agenda Of Illuminati


Illuminati Conspiracy New World Order World War 3 The secret agenda of the Illuminati This Documentary discuss topics of dangerous Illuminati . ..


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  1. Gray Fox says:

    Tbh this video has really no proof. I means just because we use "ancient symbols" doesn't make you the Illuminati. Lol like seriously. What proof do we really have. Besides bullshit conspiracy theorists like the guy don't know his name but he speaking British in the video I just think he's a b******** and to be completely honest I would really like to know the truth of all the stuff that to be completely honest life is subjective this is all going to be a subjective comment which is something I suppose a world government would want it to be they would want us fighting over something and contradicting each other. The point of the matter is finding hard truth that's really all it is we're not trying to figure out more conspiracies were just trying to figure out the truth why did more into a hole that we already know is dark why not try going outside and finding the light

  2. Gray Fox says:

    And no my word for light is not a Masonic symbol meaning Illuminati lol seriously stop with all the trolling is getting really annoying but I really want to say if there are secret societies then with world government secrets in this really not much we can do about it we're just here talking about it I'm not really doing anything we're just talking about anything so we come back to being subjective and life being subjective and everything being subjective and everyone we just have to really put that down on the paper is United States of trollism

  3. Gray Fox says:

    Also to know the guy that I'm talking about the Statue of Liberty I just really want to come out and say to all people who are not educated on this point. Is that the Statue of Liberty was originally given to us by a French architecture I don't remember his name but we first refuse the gift from the French like when they first brought it to us we were like no we don't want the Statue of Liberty you know if we just don't want it is from you guys you guys lose all the time and you know finally after you know trying and trying with Congress trying to get it to pass so that we can have the Statue of Liberty instead what he does is he just build the thing cuz I know there's three of them and he puts one in another location and basically from there the United States is like yo we want this now and so they have it in you know its not the Illuminati is I don't really think it's that people need to stop getting confused with symbolism symbolism is just a basic form of communication people need to understand that Masonic religion is well I don't want to say Masonic religion but Masonic rituals are based on symbolism and you know that was a way of communication in the day and you know I don't understand why that's really hard to understand

  4. I just wonder if why the usa and another countries allows to be or have A NWO? and why did want a 3 ww?

  5. It's rather cute that people think that any of this bullshit is actually serious. I also question the intelligence of those that think Hitler was a good guy.

  6. Alice Duggan says:

    I'm craving a certain brand of chocolate. I'm not sure it still exists, but I think it does.

  7. Vic Tanev says:

    what goes around comes around, children playing ,children games, when a human being matures into full body, mind and spirit, and releases his frozen childish spirited blockages of time and space, and raises to a status beyond, he wouldn't have time to play children games except raise his consciousness beyond known format…..

  8. chickens come home to roost

  9. polly flower says:

    They did do 9/11 but sure what are you going to do about it?. All the evidence is out there and the american people army or navy police etc do not give a shit.So move on your wasting your time with this.

  10. the gator says:

    Here's the truth: Every man on this planet over 20 should be circumcised with a dull butter knife.

  11. pearl hollow says:

    Satan nation . Puhhh 

  12. KETO Robert says:

    i hope they drop a bomb to level everything…… i dont want to be a slave

  13. messias says:

    Anyone who cares about the Truth of Life enough to check what it is will know the Truth. Those who do not care enough will not learn the Truth and will be lost and deserve to be lost (page 10 book the Present). Do You care enough? Now is the Time to proof it. Learn the Truth of Life It is the Ultimate goal of Mankind. Google TruthContest and read the Present

  14. Watcher Dan says:

    OK so I watched the video, and yes I was scared and afraid as I always am after watching these types of documentaries. But I have noticed a thread in most of these types of Conspiracy Documentaries, they always tell us "we the people" to WAKE UP! What exactly does that mean when you have just documented and illustrated for us how utterly helpless we all are?? I enjoy watching all this stuff come down thus my name Watcher Dan, but I know that the only thing that can defeat these Luciferian Sluts, is My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!! and HE IS THE ONE WHO PROPHCIED THAT THESE THINGS WOULD COME TO PASS!! So as always all I can do is pray for HIS MERCY and GRACE in the days to come and that when my time comes to be put to death for refusing to worship the BEAST that it will be quick and relatively painless…"Ray Manzarek of the Doors once wrote a song that said "the whole thing started with rock and roll and now it's out of control" that about sums it up in a nutshell. Thank you who ever you may be that took the time to compile this video and share it with the world however I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears for the most part. I AM AWAKE!! My Guns are Loaded but what good will they do me? Eventually I will be subdued and shot or tortured to death but let it be to the Glory of God and to THE PRAISE OF HIS GLORY!!!

  15. Aaron QH says:

    can someone please explain "the illumination of a thousand points of lights" wtf??

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