The Day I Died NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt1 of 6



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  1. You HAVE to be kidding me?!?
    How is this even allowed to be called a "documentary"? I thought documentaries dealt with facts and evidence?
    This is nothing but fairy tales and outright lies…

  2. Excellent video! Thank you for posting.

  3. Samana says:

    I suppose the brains of these people must've been in great distress while having these experiences. Add up chemical unbalances produced by the situation, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, maybe lack of oxygen, maybe painkillers, sedatives, etc.
    Isn't it obvious their brains where not functioning properly at the time these experiences took place?

  4. eagle282828 says:

    beautiful video check out DMT: The Spirit Molecule

    as well as the Pineal Gland !!

  5. there is no way to prove if these people are telling the truth or making it up you could look up all of this and make it up

  6. My wacky idea: We're all made from energy. The very stuff that you are made of has been around forever. Bodies are just temporary vessels, a vibratory state, that enable energy to have physical experiences with limitations. The brain is the limiter. It is the conscious energy field itself that made it this way in order to make infinity more bearable for itself. That's how illusions occur. The brain is designed to make us believe what we perceive. Well, it's what I'd do if I were infinite!

  7. @ThatsNotPoetry Well, the new bit would be the bit I said about the conscious energy field making things a certain way in order for infinity to be more bearable. I'm just thinking randomly. It's like it's tricking itself, in order to make existence more interesting. The brain could be the design that enables this idea to work, a bit like a drug makes you see things differently, the brain could make consciousness experience things differently. That's not really quantum physics or string theory.

  8. @trakomako My guess is, we do. I'd bet anything on it. The same energy that existed after the big bang exists now. Everything that makes you will always be in existence. I don't think you will retain all your memories though. If we remembered everything, existence would be unbearable. We're here forever, but forever is divided into separate lifetimes to stop you from going insane. We're not meant to know this information, otherwise people would be even more ruthless than they already are now.

  9. @ThatsNotPoetry I haven't looked into morphonogenetic fields, but I surely will. I've fairly recently become interested in this sort of thing – quantum mechanics, consciousness, etc. I find it really interesting, and I can't get enough of it. Struggling to find new ideas now though, I find myself clicking on the same videos over and over. I have a thirst for it. Yeah, I've heard that everything is subjective. Makes sense to me. They explain it pretty well.

  10. @ThatsNotPoetry "…that would make the brain a specialized filter, tricking the consciousness into thinking "this is how the world is, period."

    Yes, and what I was thinking is that it's the same fundamental elements of the true universe (maybe some conscious field) that somehow directed itself, like evolution, to come up with the brain, which in turn tricks itself into thinking, or perceiving, the universe in a different way. So we are the universe, and we are tricking ourselves.

  11. @trakomako You should try to become unafraid of death. I've been unafraid of death for some time now, and it's very liberating. Not to say that you should be reckless with your life, but don't let yourself get depressed by the fear of death. As I say, it's a big con anyway. We're here forever. If something can happen once, it can happen again, otherwise it couldn't have happened the first time. And as soon as you become unconscious at death, you reawaken, as you can't experience unconsciousness.

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