The Department of Tourism-Philippines takes over the London Waterloo Station


Find out more about the campaign here: The London Waterloo Station had …


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  1. so proud to be a Filipino

  2. Nicko law says:

    WoW! amazing Philippines! great job DOT.

  3. Oliver Banal says:

    Great move for DOT ! You should have done it earlier . MABUHAY !

  4. Bon Vallite says:

    Awesome job! DOT DFA UK.

  5. dena love says:

    Kudos! DOT.. such a great marketing strategy. I love to travel again.

  6. Kei Sedan says:

    Nice ad, but October or November visit might not be a good idea, La Nina's here.

  7. To the people in the DOT Philippines who came up with this idea-you are all GENIUS! Brilliant Marketing Strategy 🙂 You are definitely doing your job well there.

  8. bonnabata 23 says:

    this deserves a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE and PAT ON THE BACK.

    KEEP IT UP !

  9. this is a good campaign idea!!

  10. In behalf of the Filipino people, when you go to the Philippines, I just want to say sorry when you arrived on our Airport. Sorry.

  11. Ang galing!
    GoJab +PDOT London

  12. The Curator says:

    Beware of Mindanao and some mountainous places. They are full of rebels and kidnappers. I recommend Palawan very much.

  13. Wow good job guys luv it????

  14. Andree Geli says:

    Just make the Philippines safe more tourist will arrived and soon the infra… Nature and the Filipinos are most treasure of the Philippines. Love and Care for our tourist and feel the Philippines Hospitality.

  15. Jay Wei says:

    Brilliant job! Please advertise on British and the rest of European television too.

  16. Thank You for this more job for filipinos :)

  17. yup. only show tourists the beautiful sceneries and not the eye-sore poverty-infested capital city of Manila

  18. Jon Tillas says:

    napaka-clever na promotion! Whoever thought of this idea deserves a big salary raise! Bravo!

  19. Elaine. T. says:

    cool campaign!!

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