The Documentary New Atlantis Full Illuminati New World Order Black Magic occult must see


incredible documentary that ties everything together – black magic , occultism , lit , new world order . I do not own the rights to this , I have only one step .


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  1. Is sumthing wrong with YouTube??? Has not been working for the last 20 min it plays the ads but the videos will not play??

  2. Kripple Guy says:

    it repeats it self….interesting for sure. its 2.5 hours not 7

  3. It's funny how Christians try to say New Age a Satanic when New Age knows about the New World order and does not want to participate and it doesn't even want to participate in government so I think the brainwashed ones are the Christians

  4. Also the Crusaders killed a lot of Jews 

  5. In a world full of craziness and speculations I honestly think that this is completely false

  6. the arogence of America just got better… all u do is fuck things up

  7. Mr. Boston says:

    Hell is rising, Faithful must amass against, Free masonry. And Donald trump. Obama has paithed the way for a terrible tyrant. "money is the root of all evil" Technology and science  was the occults way of justifying blackmagic. Well there is a reason Babylon fell. Infact after 9/11 they quoted the bible "the bricks have fallen – isiah 9- 11 ) Which was the invocation of a nation under judgement of god. America was promised to god, On ground zero by our forefathers. And we replaced the tower, with  HEWN stone. That said we will come back stronger in defiance of god. The answer – we must return to god or risk divine judgement upon our lands. Our country has become godless because American culture, has stripped away tradition and culture over houndeds of years. We must go back to the ways of our ancestors. Fine a way for our selves to lead sustainable lives. Well the illuminati and hitlers occult are very joined at the hip, Rosicruicians are occultist. And their agendas are of pure evil in my opinion, how they keep pushing slavery Like the transpacific pact. and other things in their global agenda. In Belgium there is a 3 story computer artificial intellegence, That is capable of giving every human being on our planet a number. IT is nick named  by the people employed by it ( the beast ) The goal is to give everyone a mark on their body. In order to acess their bank accounts ( getting rid of paper currency ) WE MUST STAND AGAINST THIS! FOR THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, EVIL IT SELF! Money is the root of all evil. Stems from the international banks of Switzerland ( a land that has never seen war but financed every side of every war ever, Catholics are openly worshipping satan, molesting children, And the true teachings of Christianity ( orthodoxy ) are constantly under siege ( the greeks are being punished by international bankers. The Russians are punished with sanctions. ) We are being lied to and exploited on every level. 23rd of September is the bloodmoon. I wonder what evil they have instore for us then

  8. This is a 'damn' good video to watch and I have studied the serpent seed very much so I know when a video about them is very good.

  9. paga yoyo says:

    omg, who gives a fuck.

  10. joe sharman says:

    too manny adds. cant be bothered watching.

  11. fairy bliss says:

    Wow, you people are nuts

  12. Bill John says:

    Tons of freemasons are on social media. There leaving tons of comments so you can read mine . Telling of how there all over the net collecting personal information and still credit card info at local beach freemasons have tons club members going to beaches scanning cards for cash
    All look up the dark side of the Web . There making snuff films and showing them to each other on the web. 

  13. I love the shit that comes up in recommended to watch feed.

  14. DumbEraser says:


  15. 7 Hours…  really…

  16. Merrit Ross says:

    Strap yourself in and pack the bong this is a stonerTV

  17. is that george bush talking?

  18. one of the best documentaries ever, thanks

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