The Earth Is Flat And You’ve Been Lied To (NASA/Illuminati Deception Exposed)


“The NASA Lie” Debunked & Exposed by Dave Murphy Never Be Deceived Again! Truth Is Always True – Yash Qaraah Full Interview …


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  1. hahah what stfu dumbass theirs no up or down in space

  2. Max Brand says:

    Although this is fun and intriguing, it's also complete horse shit. :)

  3. Max Brand says:

    "GPS doesn't work in the southern hemisphere." HAHAHA!! This guy is great.

  4. TeamSlugFest says:

    Why does this matter?

  5. chantz gayle says:

    What the fucks he on about

  6. Judi L says:

    okay but where do volcanoes erupt from?
    can we actually get to any edges?
    can we "dig" our way to the bottom?

  7. A terra nao e plana por que eu tenho uma teoria se vc pegar um laser e apontar para um barco no rio e esse barco começar a se distanciar o laser vai começar a subir entao quer dizer que o lago nao e plano e sim curvado

  8. Winner FSA says:

    Let us assume you are right, but you are not, but for entertainment reasons can you explain to us the world how do satellites orbit the Earth if it is flat? What about sun set and and sunrise, how is that possible? What about leap year, can you explain that?

    Can you explain Magellan's trip around the world? That was way before NASA!

    You must be smoking some heavy stuff man.

  9. Who give a fuck if the Earth is round, flat , or square shaped. Why do you care anyway? So what are you going to do with this information? How about you just take a trip into space and see for yourself.

  10. He sounds so intelligent but he is sooo full of shit lol

  11. kevin mucyo says:

    well woow he spilt the tea

  12. Norm says:

    …and why is this guy still alive

  13. Lee Gonzalez says:

    I don't think this is about the Earth being "Flat". it has to do more with disproving, what science uses as information to prove the earth is "round "

  14. jonny plat says:

    His 2D view doesn't conflict with our 5D view, we understand his need to justify his existence.

  15. I'm not going to watch a 33 minute video, but I want to know something;

    If the Earth is flat, then what is on the other side from us?

  16. I can't see Russia from here! It mean it doesn't exist!
    Only moron that think i'm stupid.

  17. kidus girmay says:

    if the earth is flat the whole world would hav been sunny at the same time

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