The End, Nuclear War / Guerra Nuclear III


The only way to win Word War III is to prevent ” – Dwight Eisenhower A Unica de Maneira vencer a 3rd Guerra Mundial is : Avoiding Download Sound Track : …


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  1. england has 150 nukes america like 3000 russia 10000 scary.. why have something if youre not gonna use it

  2. 민공공 says:

    so christian is live

  3. Yeah, this and Darude Sandstorm. Overused

  4. ATMOS says:

    Thank u RUSSIA, USA, CHINA, MONEY,RELIGION, GREED, RACISM, and JUSTIN BIBER that we're so faar away from peace !

  5. 10 seconds after this started I went deathly cold and still an . V well made. Just pray we never do it NO ONE can win a nuclear war. 

  6. WLZCOM Will says:

    You Chose
    [Zombie Apocalypse]

    [World War III]

    [Alien Invasion]

    [Devastated Virus]

    [Dead Winter]


  7. rebornkidJS1 says:

    this is the song of satan

  8. That not how nuke looks like

  9. I know one thing if IF this happen I wether die in the blast then suffer from fallout

  10. Arata59 Midz says:

    И придет время РХБЗешников в Сталкера играть))

  11. What's a word war?

  12. Target Next says:

    монтаж не?

  13. Reticence9 says:

    The soundtrack download link has gone: what is this song called?

  14. boe reh says:

    I want to nuck my school

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