The Endgame is Approaching


This is going to be a bit of a rant, but I’m sure most of you are already long gold and silver, so I don’t need to talk about that. I’m sure most of you know to avoid U.S. government bonds, so I don’t need to talk about that either. I like to think of my readers as the exact opposite of our leaders; that is, you’re smart.

When I meet people in person, I try to avoid all topics involving economics and finance because it does no good to tear down people’s arguments. I fight my battles with facts, and this is an ill-advised strategy when you talk to people who brandish subjective arguments. But when it comes to our leaders, I tear down arguments with pleasure. They are mortgaging the future of our children by giving them an insurmountable debt burden, and this is a moral issue that bothers me.

Our leaders have been consistently wrong: How naive do you have to be to believe them over and over again? Bernanke said there would be no more quantitative easing, and people actually believed him? How foolish. We had a chance to preemptively solve this crisis, but everyone had their heads in the sand. Everyone shrugged their shoulders and said “oh well, we’ll deal with it when the crisis comes.” Instead  of honest, intelligent debate, concerned Americans received ad hominem attacks. Now if this isn’t the definition of stupidity, please tell me what is.

The Rhythm of History, the Rhythm of Cycles

Today Obama said America will always be a AAA country no matter what. Geez, I wonder if he took any history classes at Columbia, because I did- and let me tell you he does not understand the rise and fall of nations. He does not understand that corruption always infects politicians while apathy destroys populations from within. He does not understand the concept of lame-duck leaders, which is ironic, because he will be a shining example of one in future history books.

Natural phenomena follow rhythms, whether we are talking about sunspots, electromagnetic waves, or diseases. Believe it or not, the weather cycles too, so all these people who are in hysteria over man-made global warming are staring at the elephant’s ass. They can’t see the big picture. Do people forget there was a mini ice age preceding the recent warming cycle? It’s just like people who only looked at American home prices for the last 10 years and proclaimed that prices would rise forever. Where’s the common sense?  A lack of lucid thinking affects us all, and this is why I get so riled up by stupidity.

(As an aside, I would recommend watching “Inside Job” and reading “Reckless Endangerment.” The deception at the top runs deep, and this includes academia. It takes an independent thinker who relinquishes his biases to see things for what they are).

Banks: What Are You Hiding?

I’ve said before that the situation for banks is a lot more dire than commonly known, and this was clearly reflected by rising excess reserves. Look at their actions. Banks have Tier 1 capital requirements so when they don’t lend, you can infer that their balance sheets are not clean. Who’s thinking in America? This is why I’ve always said lower interest rates won’t do a thing: if banks don’t have confidence, people will not get loans. And small businesses with the ability to expand are scared out of their minds by this Administration, so they are sitting on their hands. Why is this so hard to understand? Obama wake up. Congress wake up. Federal Reserve wake up.

I am used to being called a conspiracy theorist so it doesn’t bother me anymore. There will be civil unrest in America. Gold is going to at least $3,000 an ounce. Government bonds are going to implode, and you will see interest payments on our debt approach $1 trillion. We will default on our debt and there will be a new global monetary system. Wake up, this is obvious.

It’s amazing that we are the richest nation in the history of mankind, yet we fail to produce independent thinkers. Cut spending when employment is concentrated in the public sector? Pure genius. Raise taxes into an economic downturn. Even smarter. It is the interest on our debt that is killing us, and sending interest abroad when we can just print money interest-free is positively asinine.

This debt crisis, when it truly gathers momentum, is going to be far more serious than anyone thinks. I’m already positioned in precious metals, so these $100 moves in gold don’t bother me one bit. The honus is now on us to engender change or believe me, your future is in serious danger. In 2007 I was laughed at for saying an economic collapse was coming; what will be the reaction now?

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  1. Correction An oligarchy is government by a select few.

  2. The U.S. is an oligarchy ruled by plutocrats.
    A plutocracy is government by a select few.
    A plutocracy is government by the wealthy.
    The two groups form a CABAL.
    A CABAL is a secret united group of corrupt persons that form a plot for some sinister purpose, such as the partnership between the political scientist and the monetary scientist in banking.

  3. maitry says:

    well, you cant eat money that’s for sure.

    The only certainty is if the monetary system is sky dipping in a vacuum, it would only be the down fall to that.

    The real concern should be about the echo changes in this planet, if we lose that
    we’ll surely find it hard to put food on our table.

  4. Abaddon says:

    People from many cultures have been predicting “End Times” “Last days” “Armageddon” “The Apocalypse” for thousands of years. Why? The answer is simple, we are a bunch of homicidal, greedy, proud, depraved, envious, meglomaniacs that believe we can do what we want with whoever and whatever, and whenever we feel like it. That is why virtually every generation has had that fear of the “end is nigh” syndrome because of what they saw around them as the ruling despots had made their lives miserable, unsafe, and uncertain. They are ALL despots those who rule, just some are more despotic than others. Those that have come with the greatest ideals have proven to be the greatest despotic monsters of all. They have created terror, war, famines, plagues, and now in our present day we see a world in turmoil as never before, for now it is global. For all that has went before as mankinds CV as recorded in history is there for all to know, now we have a WORLD on the edge of, or should I say “The end game is approaching.” For we now have a global portfolio of chaos that should leave one in no doubt that this IS the “End” of ALL of mans mismanagement as proven over thousands of years, and has now come together on a world wide scale for all to see. Only the fool, the liberal, and the idealist would hang onto a sinking ship.

  5. maitry says:

    mmm, i was laughed at when i said to my colleagues that some one is spin doctoring 911 and what not back in 2002.

    Its all clear to them now.

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