The enlightened exposed by Muammar Gaddafi


The truth is here ! INTEGRAL Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the Illuminati and the reason why he was killed is here ! ” Copyright Disclaimer Under …


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  1. bohrdor says:

    Wie ich die Amerikaner hasse aus ganzer Seele hmm

  2. Why you think he got killed so fast. Unlike Hussien and Bin Laden, why did they not get taken out quickly? Oh and how do we know that it was Bin Laden they killed and buried at sea, bullshit, I wanna see it. Why didn't they make a video for proof. They are all lying mutherfuckers and they are out to get us. When you start opening your mouth you get taken care of real quick.

  3. lol, kids still go on about illuminati?

  4. Libya Great Man-Made River as 8th Wonder of the World, the most expensive project ever made by any government total cost of 25 000 000 000. $
    Smoking Gun: Gaddafi Was To Receive U.N. Human Rights Award.

  5. damirzanne says:

    "CIA possible roll"….??? LMAO…. I hope they all get their heads cut off by ISIS

  6. damirzanne says:

    Obama should be impeached, Bush and Cheney should be charged and executed for war crimes…

  7. Noe Vazquez says:

    Protect the Petro-Dollar!! there's not enough gold for 7 billion people..

  8. If the internet is fair let us hear from a Libyan . I'm tired of secondhand news

  9. Yew Wood says:

    15:20 Barrack is a Leftist, pro Al Queda and anti-any regime that fights Al Queda. The Illuminati is the Leftist Elites in power around the world. They control you with media and propaganda videos. Obama should relinquish power by stepping down.

  10. Raffini says:

    Qadhafi looked like a drunk or demented person who's being extorted, but nobody takes him seriously anymore even though he's saying the truth. I felt for him. The Western world are a bunch of bullies and one day we'll pay for that I'm afraid.

  11. Capeau says:

    Nice DeusEx music ;)

  12. all that was written towards the end of the video is true and i have witnessed that when iw as in libia.true.that man maybe he had his ways but he has given to his people what our leaders could not and do buta house ,they want to know your credit bureau report and if you did nto pay few bils which not totals to 2000 then your interest for hosue or car goes upto 28 percent.housing should be a fundemantal right in our western democracies as well right but it did nto seem to em .but it was in libia.i had avery good friedn who just got married that time.he had his house ready.his services..well.western democracies were so sensitive about whas happened in libia? where were they in serebrenica? where are they in syria? 500.million europe can nto accomodate even 2 milion refigees? then why do they not do anything to stop the war?qwll.thsk for the video.please make avideo about who control the central banks of the world.who have created the idea and cocnept of central banks? thsk fro the information…

  13. David Palmer says:

    i smell bullshit.

  14. Si Carter says:

    Fuck NATO, Fuck the UN, fuck The New World Order!!! AND FUCK OBAMA, CAMERON, and the rest of the wankers out there.

  15. Well, this is exactly what we will do one day. We will choose gold Dinar as our currency and we will trade all our exports for the gold Dinar, whether you like it or not.

  16. Freddy D says:

    Bush est tellement mauvais menteur 🙂 lol

  17. nexes1337 says:

    nsa if you read this i want to help you guys out , if you cant beat em , join em right? i would be a great addition !

  18. GBEmpire says:

    awesome, thank you…

  19. All anyone needs to do is learn your history. Kaddafi blew up two night clubs right outside our military base in Germany back in 1983.  We fight him with some airstrikes but that was it.  Then shortly after, Kaddafi blew up a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie Scotland.  When will we learn that the shit muslims will always be our enemy.  Hit them with everything we got!   Don't listen to this Liberal bullshit, propaganda.

  20. cracken lord says:

    US is the one that set gaddafi to become libya president..for them to have control of libya..
    gaddafi later realised and regret all his wrongdoings and betrayal to the people of libya…
    his plan got positive response from all arab leader…except UAE..
    and for that.. he paid the consequences…

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