The Fallen of World War II


An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts.

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  1. Absolutely chilling. Can't wait for the one where we use nukes

  2. Despre says:

    So no one wins?

  3. pay respect for those who died for us and I want to thank them for doing these for us all of they are all hero's they won't be for gotten for what they did

  4. JuTube says:

    now dumptrump is going to start a war with everyone… ?? say good bye to the long peace

  5. xcalibrx says:

    "Not all Germans were nazis" stfu fxking you wehraboo. They were fighting under the nazi government. Not all Chinese soldiers in the Korean War were communists yet we call them communist forces.

  6. Alfred HON says:

    Great WWII presentation but I think some material is wrong, especially (12.40) said that the Chinese National Government (Republic of China, not today Red China)willing to sacrifice these people . China Government cut the Yellow River embankment. Let water flooding to prevent the Japanese Army attack, so that 500,000 people sacrifice. In recent years, the study of this WWII's yellow river event , it is impossible to let so many the deaths, 500,000 people the number is exaggerated too much.


  7. Smugface says:

    Dude germany fucked them all up

  8. this video make me cry…thank you make this video.this video i have more effect war and now we peace…thank you the warrior a long ago to protect protect earth.i hope every warrior died in war may be peace in heaven.thank you thank you…your surcrifice.

  9. [VS] Parrot says:

    so nothing about Australia, NZ and Turkey in Gallipoli

  10. Bravo ?? awesome video, makes me want to watch it twice lol

  11. Goosing says:

    Think about it.. a chunk of the worlds population… gone in just a span of a couple years…

  12. John Davis says:

    everyone on here talking about how great Russia is for losing so many people and they are the true victors…um you realize you don't want your people getting killed right…

  13. Banana Man says:

    How the hell did my uncles survive

  14. Adam Lee says:

    Where's Canada?

  15. SWI says:

    People don't seem to understand something.

    The soviet did lose more than the U.S., certainly. But that doesn't mean they gave more. It means they had terrible tactics and a leader with no care whatsoever for the lives of his people.

  16. Rhett Banks says:

    My great grand parents fought in ww2

  17. Ching Chong says:

    russians will always have the brunt of the stick because us western countries are too lazy to act when needed

  18. You had my like until 7:58 when for a few frames to can see former czechoslovakian flag with their deaths but 3 flags to the left to not only have Slovakia stated as a separate country after listing czechoslovakia, but You also put there a flag of current Czech republic… otherwise great video.

  19. selfatrophy says:

    Pax Americana Infidelis.

  20. My Dreams says:

    My friend, I haven't ever seen such a simple eye opener, with such professional dedication like your documentary, before! I will spread this video as much as possible to all my people around the world, so they understand how lucky we are now a days. I'm speechless, thank you for your outstanding work!!!

  21. Japan conquered the world without using a single bullet

  22. VonBulbo says:

    War is hell…

  23. HgP- Raven says:

    I've always had respect for Russians but to be honest Russia would have lost world war two if it wasn't for the allies same thing goes for the allies too but Russia at one point was supplied by the us so that they could fight the Germans from two fronts if it wasn't for this Russia would have fallen to the germans

  24. NightDark says:

    why was this in my reccomended

  25. This is some high quality video. Like holy *uck, you must have used an amazing high number of hours to create these 18 minutes of pure quality.

    You can literally cure cancer

  26. WB IsMe says:

    When people complain about civilian causality in the modern war.

  27. 47 Ronin says:

    I never knew how much Russians were lost in ww2 but dam that is sad

  28. There are a lot of reasons to hate the USSR, but without the sacrifices of their men, there simply would not have been enough time for the Allies to retreat, recover, and rearm for their eventual victory.

  29. Kekskerl03 says:

    just because youre in the german millitary you arent a nazi theyre the ones given orders ind the ww2 there was a thing called wehrpflicht which meant you have to go to the wehrmacht

  30. Not enough dead nazis..

  31. The Best says:

    A lot of Russian soilders didnt have a weapon to fight in Stalingrad,they had to go behind the guy with the gun wait till he got shot and took the gun also,Stalin thought any1 who ran away or surrendered was a coward so he ended up shooting so many with his own soilders,his son got locked up in prison and didn't save his life

  32. KaptainKFC says:

    if you made a poster for the deaths. you wouldn't be able to fit the soviet deaths

  33. Thank u Russia don't go war with US

  34. OzcarPlayz says:

    15:21 "nut rich countries do not fuck other rich countries" HAHAHA thats fucking hilarious!

  35. Lol in school we learning about the blitz 60k deaths when we dont have a clue about what happened in russia. History is bullshit , it is determined by the victor

  36. Derpper says:

    _________༼ ◦ ◦ ༽_______Killroy was here

  37. Amazing video, you deserve more subscribers

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