The FINAL Three Stages of the New World Order


Chad from Insurgency Broadcast discusses the remaining three stages in the Globalists agenda to put into action a New Planet Buy.


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  1. America rising should be the name of this new American century. Right now the Globalist are being removed from power and our nation is being rebuilt. The Republic will be saved.

  2. Ian Fornal says:

    Mm, I still don't like trump or Hillary, Trump is exacberating racism and sexism too just in a more public way. I'm sorry but this entire video seems like a tin foil hat video, though there are good ideas here. All of things are still happening with Trump, Trumps election changed nothing.

  3. mimoocho dom says:

    This "new world order" sounds like one big pizza with the lot.

  4. this guy is a scam artist and should hang himself, asap.

  5. question✋:the actions taken to create a new world order seems to have been taken place since the times of the french vs england (or so i speculate) if that is true why would these people put the work to create the nwo if they wont even live long enough to see it? ive heard its the devil himself that is in control.

  6. 6:13 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOPE!!!!!!! We are about to put up a border wall, we are deporting illegal criminals, and their attempt to do stage 3 FAILED!!!

  7. sarah hall says:

    fact is I just don't know !!! take the meat leave the bones.

  8. very well speach brother man

  9. Krum Kasabov says:

    I like that video.About Trump??? me personally don't trust no one anymore.I question do question everything.Who knows mybe Trump is one of them.Tye only think giving me hope is that at the moment is major agenda against Trump and this makes me fell that maybe he is not one of them.

  10. Miguel Chico says:

    yall all dumb as fuck

  11. Your content is excellent but how about using another method for looking at your notes? The clipboard is a bit distracting.

  12. Sammy Rivera says:

    don't give up your guns ???

  13. Sammy Rivera says:

    we are going to kick the ass of the "( New world order)"
    we will get every members in the family, we are the Unknown factor) we are millions of people who are working around the clock.
    we will get them all, because we are watching there every movement, so we are right in the face, waiting to see

  14. Tommy Hansen says:

    Coming from the same people who believe the world is ruled by lizards……. I fucking hate my generation..

  15. Google Day says:

    5:59 thats where he slipped, never assume the outcome you're always wrong just except where life is headed. you had no begining, dont not fear the end… there is no death… there is only rebirth.


  17. Woof Dog says:

    OMG this guy has  a  Man Bun

  18. Sandesign2 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It is 1 of the 2 biggest and only issues that need to be presented. The other is the FED scam. America needs to eliminate them. They are the same people that are behind both. please do a video on that PLEASE! Great articulation in this video!

  19. Oh goody trump saved us

  20. Hali Panella says:

    Hi- my name is Chad.

  21. Maureen Dunn says:

    u need to redo ur life I'll comeback for a better answer

  22. Billy Graham says:

    And shortly after this video was shot and put on YouTube, we learned from Wikileaks that Hillary was all for "open borders."

  23. If you want a way out of this New World Order plague read Kennedy's Revenge: The Election of 2016. It solves all the globalist created problems in the world, rendering them permanently solved, and it is accomplished without violence.1 minute ago•

  24. The effort to bring the NWO about is well nigh 100 years old… They won't go silently into the night.

  25. Ernway edeth says:

    this is such spot all, political correcteness will cause us to willingly accept NWO we must resist

  26. powerful broadcasting indeed.

  27. I don't buy into all this propaganda. this is nothing more than a bunch of hyped up hysteria and fear BS.. , Use a little common sense here. Just who in hell is this person that is narrating all this crap? He looks and and seems no different than the average Joe on any street who puts his pants on one leg at a time same as I do. sorry but I've been around the block too many times to be persuaded by all types such as the average everyday person to the well groom and dress political type with a big toothy grin on their face ready for a hand shake.. I take all in stride and only believe half ( maybe ) what is presented then question the other half.. The world we live in is full of trickery. which can come even from our supposedly loved ones.. So in a nut shell i say live life the way you want, in a very low key existence be happy with what you have get yourself a good loyal pet. And the hell with all the rest of the nut jobs around you…..

  28. The Freak show is already established in America! Some Hollywood Big Heads placed there entire carrier bad mouthing Trump because they thought Hillary had Already one it! She did not!

  29. pandypop1 says:

    Y'all fucked up on this prediction, Hillary lost the presidency, Trump won, I think Hillary made too many fuck ups ,Trump is just another puppet, the game goes on…..
    The huge drug cartels are probably owned by the elites, same with the food industry, alcohol, big pharma, they have all the power in the world and they want to tighten their grip because more and more are waking up.

  30. GALIGER says:

    Trump is the next president so this video is invalid

  31. Adam Gabrail says:

    These politicians are scumbags

  32. Adam Gabrail says:

    Trump is securing ours soon

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