The First Peoples of Europe History – Full Documentary Movies 2015 HD


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  1. seems to me the world was full of diffrant looking people's not just in Africa and Europe ,explain the looks of Chinese people their skin colour eyelids hight etc,there is something missing with the history of human beings until we find everything ,everything is just theory on evedance collected so fare it's not the whole story.

  2. what does the male dna say ? i can believe that invading male bands could kill the males but keep the females as sex slaves and mothers of their children ?????

  3. ?
    …"WE HAVE EUROPE TO OURSELVES" ???…DO WE? 😀 That's a new one! When was this documentary made??? …

  4. rassed lb says:

    the Europeans trying to acquit themselves of Neanderthal genocide same as they do usually. .hehe

  5. the native to the land are more capable of living…

  6. Celts had no dark features. They had blonde hair

  7. I started to study about (human) history 3 years ago and there is mainly one thing I am sure of… I will not have the time to go through all of it even if I had ten lifetimes. So to all people jumping so quickly into conclusions and making rash statements (and cheap comments about races)… You know too little…

  8. NEANDERTHAL bloodline RH. is found in whites and Asians.
    White's and Asians are the evaluation.
    Native American Indians
    Blacks do not have NEANDERTHAL bloodline.
    unless your mixed races.

    Cherokee Indians have RH. due to slavery of Native American Indians in the 1400s Indians shipped in shackles. to England and sold to our enemies… when Indians came back they were mixed with the jews… RH bloodline

  9. Carlo Loyola says:

    At 7:15 the audio change. They don't want you to know the truth.

  10. A special Ancient African tribe left Africa 100,000 years ago and mixed entirely with Neanderthal and the new mixed breed was superior to negroid and Neanderthal man . The new superior breed eventually evolved into modern caucasoid caucasoid is the most intellectually superior race of man

  11. Europeans embrace your blackness ?

  12. The Indians didn't really get overwhelmed as such more like killed off

  13. Joseph Pack says:

    So basically, nothings changed in 100,000 years. Everybody wants to leave shitty Africa to get into beautiful Europe.

  14. WODELAR says:

    we bred them out. The situation in Europen in present day will be a copy. European citiziens are the "modern neanderthals".

  15. shammy dammy says:

    Why does this use the Mass Effect OST?

  16. isnt Neanderthal/rh DNA found in people who's geographical area/ancestry comes from Europe not africa only when you mix negroid blood with a tamahu you get rh dna In a negroid because of that that is y people like Obama and king tut had rh DNA that of monkeys people look it up.

  17. It is a shame that SJWs weren't around to keep things fair for the Neanderthal!

  18. ap ko says:

    Yeah right archaeologists they know what happened smile . Brainwashing for justifying their paycheck or another plan . What it is math for archaeologists 1+1?

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