The frightening truth of Feminism ( Satanic enlightened feminist agenda exposed Documentary complete )


make no mistake ! I Will Not Compromise . I Will not comply . I Will Not Send . I Will not break . I Will Not Roll Over . I Will Not Sit Down . I Will Not Shut Up .


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  1. Deep Verma says:

    Sadly this will just get worst just like ancient Rome. Men had become homosexuals and the women of Rome were whores and practiced prostitution and adultery in the streets. The vast majority of men would end up leaving Rome for opportunities elsewhere leaving the city open for attack. The barbarians and the enemies of Rome sacked the city raping, looting and burning the city to the ground.

  2. DJ Sickey says:

    Your videos are good, im definitely subscribing.

  3. Ro Alex says:

    Simple suggestion : Love women, give them a better man every day. You. keep staying centered on being a better man. Discard and avoid any women who behave like a monster.This hateful behavior must be marginalised and sinked. Have a family, raise them for the better and teach them to think for themselves and avoid easy-pickings, because those manipulate them like they manipulated our society.

  4. DJ Sickey says:

    PS: Im glad that in my country females are still making ME a sandwich, not vice-versa.

  5. Sam Clark says:

    You are ridiculous. If anyone here can argue any of this with reason I will shoot myself in the face. The fact is that male dominant hierarchical society has brainwashed you. Yes there is a movement. it's about balance and it's about creating a partnership based society. look where men in charge exclusively has got us. nukes and a soiled playground. duck you facist asshole.

  6. Sam Clark says:

    Notice. This is a man talking about a woman's place albeit a childish and ignorant religious nut man.

  7. zak bennani says:

    hhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, when us muslims refused to let feminism and the feminist agenda destroy our families and values in our countries, you call us apes; wife beaters, freedom haters, women haters and the list goes on…Some of you are not so ignorant after all

  8. deidre pace says:

    emasculation of men is a huge problem, its hard to find a real man these days, with all of these prissy emasculate boys running around.

  9. Feminsm came into play on the slave plantation from the white man raping black women and puttin their white women on a pedestal, which she really would rather him rape her and think about her sexually than the black woman, truly it's the so called white man's fault for this feminist movement cause he never found his so called white woman to be more attractive than the slave Hebrew Israelite woman, he is responsible for creating that rebellious big bull dyke, it's all your fault massa charlie, now look at what she has done, if she can't be happy and live proper with her man, then she's gonna do her best to make sure the black woman don't live happy and proper with her man, so mr. so called white man, how are you gonna make it right with that big bull dyke that you have created? tell me!!!

  10. feminism is like so many other things Catholic church ect. They took a good idea "giving women better life's" & they use it to twist the truth & your mind before you know it you've been brainwashed & your worshiping Satan calling him god.

  11. Ursula Smith says:

    the world became one crazy planet.

  12. Ursula Smith says:

    yes, is wrong. women sti

  13. Mags Johnson says:

    Pathetic! stupid little males trying to turn us back into slaves and mommies with benefits. As an independent woman I really don't need any insecure males in my life unless they are man enough to be my equal. I don't need to turn to the church to seek God nor do I have to get involved with evil like Satanism to stand tall and in the light. Grow up silly little boys and all you silly women going to extremes-you grow up and wake up too. We all have our place in the world-stop playing power games!

  14. Abd Rehman says:

    I am a muslim and i do agree with you r theory about feminism.. I think Women need to understand the agenda behind it.There is a lot these Illuminati or Masons or whatever they are called doing to destroy the social Fabric worldwide..

  15. no entre el  punocha no weno?pero mi amour nooooooooooooooooo! eh nuevo una esta  aqi el vetereno puta, verad

  16. Ian Atkinson says:

    Why are you talking like the presidents whats it good for?

  17. yute Brown says:

    Stop those feminists!

  18. I think men and women are equal in the eyes of God, and a woman should get equal pay for equal work and get any job she wants, if she can do it. Of course. I treat women with respect. But they should not be "equal" in some weird hateful way, at the expense of degrading any one else. That is not equality. That is just anger and hatred run rampant. I will not be degraded, or be submissive, so a woman can have equality, that is not necessary, it makes no sense, and just spreads resentment, for men to act submissive so a woman can have her way. She should just be equal, and that is it, with no one needing to be destroyed, or hurt in the process.

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