The Great Awakening


Dave Hodges –  thecommonsenseshow

This is the first part of a two part series which is primarily written for the leaders, emerging leaders and would-be-leaders of the Liberty movement who are spearheading the fight against the globalist forces plans for the destruction of humanity and civilization as we know it.

The Great Awakening

Three Groups of People

In life, there are three broad groups of people. There are those who want to be left alone (i.e. the mass of humanity) and then there are those (i.e. the globalists) who will not leave them alone. And there is a third group of people which comprise the ignorant sheep who have no idea that the planet is engaged in a war for control of the planet which will ultimately decide who lives and who dies.

Ask yourself, what is the single greatest untapped resource on the planet? No, it’s not oil, it’s not natural gas, it’s not even the latest in military technology. The greatest untapped resource on the planet consists of the 90% of humanity that is asleep at the wheel and has no idea what is going on in their respective countries and the dangers that lie ahead. This is the group that the globalists are attempting to capture and this is the group that we must wake up and motivate them to collectively stand up for humanity.

Us vs. Them

The two headliners for the most monumental fight in the history of the place consist of the forces of the Liberty movement versus the globalists. Both sides are engaged in a war for the control of the planet. The Liberty movement seeks to preserve humanity under an umbrella of freedom. The globalists seek to destroy humanity and enslave the survivors of the coming global holocaust.

The tangible rewards which will be realized by the globalists if they win, will be the total control over all resources and the power of life and death over all of mankind. The members of the Liberty movement want to simply be left alone to live their lives free from government harassment and tyranny. The physical manifestation of a Liberty movement victory would lie in the restoration of the Bill of Rights.

The Globalists Fear the Freedom Mongers

freedom is the answerI have come to believe that the globalist occupation forces, which have hijacked our government, are quaking in their collective boots. They know that humanity is beginning to wake up and that the growing spirit of freedom and liberty is threatening to run rampant through the entire planet and could potentially serve to  threaten the globalist plans for their brand of draconian domination of humanity.

This specific topic of how to defeat the globalists is divided into two parts. The first part of this series identifies the battle lines between the liberty movement and the globalists as both sides vie for control over the hearts, minds and souls of 90% of humanity. The second part of this series presents a plan for defeating the globalists based upon the time honored principles contained within group persuasion techniques embedded within psychology, sociology, as played out in history.

The Acceleration of the NWO Agenda

As a consequence of the perceived threat that humanity is being increasingly awakened to the notion that the globalist forces are accelerating their planned takeover. The globalists fully understand that they are increasingly being perceived as the enemy of humanity. For they know, if most of humanity was to awaken today, we would be able halt the globalists in their tracks. On the other hand, if the globalists can keep the vast majority of the population dumbed down long enough, humanity will never know what has hit them when they fully and very publicly roll out of the tyranny which will be unveiled for all to see. Consequently, those of us who are awake are locked in a race against time in which we are tasked with rousing our fellow brothers and sisters to action before the globalists plans for world domination and mass extermination can be realized.

The Globalists Are Coming, The Globalists Are Coming

paul revereWe, the Paul Revere’s of the Liberty movement, are sounding the alarm that the globalists are coming, but too few people are awake enough to hear the alarm. To those of you who are awake, I understand your frustrations with the progress of our mission because the results seem so painstakingly slow and our enemy is so very efficient. At times, I feel that our goal of an awakened mass of humanity who are united against the enemies of humanity and their minions is nothing but a pipe dream. However, as someone who has spent many years teaching and studying psychology, sociology, history, statistics and research, combined with my life experiences, I have developed a good understanding about how big changes come to be. One of the things that I have discovered is how change is almost never symmetrical and often comes like a thief in the night in the form of an overwhelming force which gathers momentum as people are often caught looking the other way. Our Liberty movement has untapped potential and unlimited power. We can win this fight if only we can awaken our fellow human beings as to what lies ahead if we do not act soon.

airline contamination

Often going unnoticed are the small ideas behind a monumental change before the ideas of that specific change can spread like a virulent pandemic.As a metaphorical example, one man contracts something highly contagious such as Ebola. He boards an international flight and exposes over 200 people to his contagion prior to becoming symptomatic. Each of the 200 people, now infected, return to their home countries and subsequently exposes thousands, who in turn, do the same to millions and thus, the illness, which only originated a few weeks before, engulfs the planet like a giant Tsunami. At this point, no quarantine, no amount of burning dead bodies will counter the spread. This is the typical model which describes how revolutionary ideas gains critical mass. To complete the analogy, you and I represent that one infected man, in which we are collectively preparing to board a series of international flights armed with a pathogen called liberty. We have only a small window of time to unleash our liberty across the face of the earth before we are discovered, quarantined and subsequently silenced forever.

Time Is Short for Both Globalists and the Liberty Movement

If the globalists do not act soon to suppress our message of liberty, our observations, our knowledge and our prescriptions for action will spread like an uncontainable contagion across the planet. This is the globalists greatest fear. This is why Obama is moving to shut down the internet as he hopes to slow the pace of The Great Awakening. This is why 98% of media is owned by five corporations. This is why our local government officials are being bribed with obtuse Agenda 21 monies. This is why TV reality shows as well as the fake right-left paradigm conflicts proliferate on the airwaves and in establishment print media (e.g. black vs. white, gay vs. straight, legal vs. illegal, etc.). These false paradigms exist because the globalists need to distract and anesthetize the population from what is really going on in order for their forces to complete their mission which is the total enslavement of humanity along with the implementation of a draconian program of eugenics based extermination. Red of blue pill, what is it going to be America?

What Percentage of Humanity Is Awake?

I have conducted an exhaustive search and as of today, there are no reliable and credible studies on the percentage of people who are aware of the draconian agenda of what George H. W. Bush labeled as the “New World Order.” This is because the pollsters are media creations which are controlled by the purveyors of globalism. The last thing the globalists, through their pollsters, want to do is to give us legitimacy and call attention to such views.

An Estimate of the Percentage of the Awakened

As I speak to various groups, interact with a national radio audience on a weekly basis and receive feedback from the articles I write such as this one,  I have come to the conclusion that about 5% of the American population has a working knowledge about what and who are behind the attempted subjugation of humanity. It appears likely that about 20% of the people are aware, at some level, that things are terribly wrong.

Unfortunately, five percent of humanity is not enough to bring about change on the planet by their own device. This is true because in any mass movement as social psychologists know, that 80% of the work is carried out by 20% of the people. This would reduce the Liberty soldiers engaged in this fight to about 1% of the population. I am not certain that 1% of the population is enough to bring about the paradigm shift that is needed in the time we have left. We need to greatly expand our members and we must do it quickly.

Capture the Flag

congressThere is a ray of hope as evidenced by the various public opinion polls, in which over 90% of the country knows that this government is hopelessly criminal and does not serve the people. The 90% number is arrived at by the fact that this is how many people say that they do not trust Congress in recent media polls. This 90% figure is also akin to what Richard Nixon tried to refer to as the “Silent Majority” in reference for the support he believed he had for his administration. Although Nixon’s silent majority assertion was a gross over exaggeration of the support towards his criminal administration, the 90% figure, of the uncommitted, which provides a fertile recruitment ground needed to acquire enough political soldiers to swing the balance of power in our fight against the globalists.

The Globalists’ Need Humanity’s Temporary Cooperation To Complete Their Agenda

World domination by the globalists requires a high degree of social cooperation from the 90% because they need their resources, their labor and their funding to build and engineer the collective demise of humanity, hence, the reason for virtual domination of the mainstream media (MSM) by the globalists.

The globalists have purposely engineered a mistrust of the Congress through their own corporate controlled  media as their networks blatantly display Congress’ missteps and corruption in which the globalists have engineered with their bribe money and other assorted schemes in order to compromise most individuals who serve in Congress. Why would they do this? Simply put, if the majority of the country can be brought to a high level of mistrust for one of the cornerstones of our government (i.e. the law making branch), then the people will be more accepting of a new government structure (i.e. a wolf in sheep’s clothing) which will replace the former government when the engineered currency collapse comes to our country.

The new government will arise out of the traditional Hegelian Dialectic and will undoubtedly result in martial law. Therefore, you can look for more school shootings and even more deadly and shocking false flag events. This also explains why local police departments are being federalized and equipped with the latest in crowd suppression techniques by Homeland Security and FEMA as the newly federalized police will be the NWO boots on the ground, at least in the short term before they too are targeted for elimination. Martial law will be used to temporarily “solve” the crises artificially created by the globalist occupation forces.

Once martial law is in effect, it will never go away and all that we call freedom and liberty will be erased from the history books and from the minds of most of our people. The globalist contrived problem, reaction, solution paradigm has become the blueprint for our enslavement. Consequently, the Liberty movement should never accept the evisceration of our form of government, regardless of our present circumstances, because what it would be replaced with is, not in our best interest.

The Normalcy Bias Is the Globalists’ Best Friend

sheeple 2We, in the liberty movement, are fighting for the minds, the hearts and the souls of the ignorant, but the discontented 90%. This is the 90% who do not approve of Congress’ actions which constitutes a fertile breeding ground for recruitment to the cause of liberty. However, we are in competition for the minds of the masses and we are operating at a distinct disadvantage. The globalists are the masters at manipulating the population into believing their false world view through the use of the normalcy bias.

The normalcy bias refers to a person’s frame of reference when facing a disaster. Normalcy bias causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and the severity of the potential effects. This leads people to inadequately prepare for a disaster. This false and dangerous assumption consists of the self-delusional belief that since a disaster never has occurred in the past, then it can never occur in the future. The normalcy bias also paralyzes a person’s ability to cope with a disaster once it does occur. Therefore, we in the Liberty movement need to realize that once the planned crises, designed to destroy our culture and our civilization are fully implemented, the war will be lost. This is why our window of opportunity is short.

The Globalists Are Marshaling Their Forces

In a planned crisis, most people, and even some of us in the Liberty movement will run to anyone who can provide temporary salvation in the form of food, water, shelter and safety. If this is not true, then ask yourself, why the Federal Reserve is spending $40 billion per month to buy mortgage backed securities? Ask yourself why people like the criminal Bush family and T. Boone Pickens are privatizing the control of most of the nations water in an attempt to horde the resource? Ask yourself why federal agents are “swat teaming” raw milk producers, organic food growers and even individuals who are growing gardens on their properties? Add to these facts that the federal government has 47% of the country on welfare. Soon, all of us will be dependent on this criminal government for health care and the government will be able to force compliance through the distribution of who lives and who dies through the distribution of food, water and shelter. The US already has a no fly list for some in the Liberty movement, soon we will likely have a “no healthcare list” for those who oppose the globalist dehumanization agenda. Healthcare is now a horded resource, the same as food, water and shelter.

Take one step back, take a longer look, and then reread the preceding paragraph. The federal government, along with their globalist puppeteers  are securing and attempting to horde every resource that you need to survive, so when the proverbial poop hits the fan, humanity will run to the globalists for safety and that is when the real danger will unfold. In actuality, my friends, if we let it get to this point, we will be running to our own destruction. Again, our time to act is short.

The Internet: The Patriot’s Library of Congress

The normalcy bias explains why, despite the fact that America has never had such a depth of verifiable information about the nefarious plans of the globalists and their intent to engage in population reduction and total enslavement of humanity, that we still are witnessing widespread apathy and ignorance.

For the first time in modern history, the literary push back of the Liberty movement is greater than the propaganda of the MSM. The MSM network news ratings are down 60%. People are increasingly coming to the alternative media for their news and information. And the information on the globalist based agenda is prolific in both its volume of content and breadth of distribution. For example, when one “googles” the following terms, the following numbers of articles are available with the click of a mouse, in what I call The Great Eight:

The Great Eight

1) FEMA Camps- “About 2,010,000 results (0.23 seconds)”

2) Chemtrails-  “About 8,350,000 results (0.20 seconds)”

3) GMO’s-     “About 842,000 results (0.23 seconds)”

4) The New World Order- “About 1,470,000,000 results (0.27 seconds)”

5) Bilderberg Group- “About 2,410,000 results (0.24 seconds)”

6) The Trilateral Commission- “About 1,120,000 results (0.29 seconds)”

7) The Council on Foreign Relations- “About 56,400,000 results (0.23 seconds)”

8) Fluoride in the water- ” About 15,900,000 results (0.18 seconds)”

A person in a quest for information about the globalists plans could literally spend several lifetimes immersed in the documents contained in the eight subjects resulting from a random google search listed above.

There is certainly no shortage of material available for the public’s consumption on what the globalists are planning and presently doing to society. It is safe to say that the internet has provided America with a Patriot Library of Congress. Can you imagine if every American could be exposed to the massive amount of material in only one of the above-mentioned topics? If this were to happen, there would be nowhere to run or to hide for these central bankers from hell.

denialAmerica largely remains blinded by their own normalcy bias. What the liberty movement needs is a plan to create a tipping point in which we, the awakened, turn the passing fad of being an anti-globalist into a nationwide, and eventually a planetary wide, crusade against the evil which is attempting to enslave the planet. Upon the death of Jesus, twelve disciples spread the word of Christianity throughout the world and created a tipping point in the belief system of mankind.

Brown Shirts Then

Brown Shirts Then

You may be wondering if there is any way to create a comparable tipping point resulting in a counter critical tsunami which washes away the globalists who have hijacked our government? The answer to this question is an unqualified yes. However, there is not an unlimited time to accomplish this goal as the globalists are turning to the creation of autonomous drones and autonomous killer robots in order to carry out their agenda because they are increasingly fearful that they cannot trust their human minions much longer as the message of liberty sweeps through the ranks of the globalist occupation forces. And to the minions tasked with implementing and enforcing the globalist agenda, you need to realize that the Brown Shirts of any tyrannical movement are rarely

Brown Shirts Now

Brown Shirts Now

allowed to survive once the implementation is complete. Today’s Brown Shirts are almost obsolete through the creation of these drones and robots. Attention Brown Shirt minions and internet trolls who are reading these words may want to renounce your present allegiances and join with the Oathkeepers and get on the right side of history. To the rest of us, the new technologies being unveiled by our enemies significantly shortens our window of opportunity.

Part two of this series will consist of the unveiling of the framework of a plan designed to awaken and motivate to action the 90% of humanity who are up for grabs.

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4 Responses

  1. ReverseTheIgnorance says:

    America’s Law is very open to Illegal Immigration. The American Goverment even prioritize the immigrants and the Illegal immigrants rather than the Americans since World War 2.
    this is not a joke

  2. gary says:

    Not likely. I share details of what’s coming to just about anyone that will talk to me. I believe more than 99% of the people just go with the flow and worry about the next paycheck. Sure some folks might buy some food, guns and ammo. In general, not one of them would put the time into writing one single letter to a member of congress. However they will be the first ones complaining about “what the hell happened”.

    • 5 War Veteran says:

      Not likely. I share details of what’s coming to just about anyone that will talk to me. I believe more than 99% of the people just go with the flow and worry about the next paycheck. Sure some folks might buy some food, guns and ammo. In general, not one of them would put the time into writing one single letter to a member of congress. However they will be the first ones complaining about “what the hell happened”.

      Touche! I write about 30 emails a week to members of congress and I have a shoe box full of Lindsay Grahams BS responses. It seems he and Obama’s stooges are the only ones that write. LOL on Obama’s response to illegal immigration.
      I get hammered regularly but those un willing or incapable of thinking on their own. Got follow that party line. “The government will protect us!” So far not impressed.
      Be better off believing space aliens will save the day. (Like the saved us from Fukashima and the gulf oil spill) No it will be NESARA and OPPT! Yeah sure.. . .
      We are our own first line of defense. . . .
      When it comes to being awake, with 315 million very few are awake. Some are waking but have a long way to go.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    (In a sheep like bleating voice) Whhhoooos Awwwwaaake?
    Certainly only a few Americans.

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