The Hidden Secrets of Area 51 – Mind Blowing (Full Documentary) HD


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  1. shay dishman says:

    you can tell the guy at about an hour in isnt saying what they say he is regarding remote viewing..

  2. Aftab Khan says:

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  3. Aftab Khan says:

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  4. Thank you for trying to explain what's going on.

  5. Alpha Centauri is a star system, consisting of 3 stars (AC A, AC B, and Proxima Centauri), and not a star itself. The nearest star to the Sun is Proxima Centauri ('proxima' literally meaning 'the next').
    Can't believe that high-level scientists still make this mistake.

  6. Mo inmt says:

    So these black op's programs are accountable to no one? They use our tax money to operate and neither us, or our elected officials have a say in any of it. Doesn't that smack of slavery?
    Just shut up, keep working ad handing trillions of dollars to us, ad if you make too much noise, you can disappear.
    I really hope Trump is with us and not them. Someone has to stop this enslavement of us and the world. This is no way to do things, and I resent it greatly!

  7. mailbastiaan says:

    So interesting that people still concentrate on the area 51 story itself. Ofcourse it is an interesting subject amongst so many new bases eracted before during or after the myth of area 51 takes place. So much more interesting highly clasified sites in the US, where you get shot for trespasing lol. I wonder if the american eye can keep locking onto area 51, but may the camera's also be aimed at the s4 and the other areas of interest where ufo's might have been spotted or uso's whatever…please thanks! :D

  8. 250 BILLION ON DEFENSE!!! lol obviously this was made in the early to mid 90's

  9. Donald Sams says:

    Good Doc. But NOT, REPEAT NOT, MIND BLOWING and NO SECRETS were given!!

  10. stupd filled with ads…..

  11. BADDOGGY says:

    Stop using C64s to upload these videos

  12. What year is documentary from, the computers seem quite old?

  13. WTF?? At 105:35 is this guys mouth not moving or what the ??? Remote ventriloquist!!!

  14. the F-117 stealth fighter is over 30 year old tech; i was working on it as a consultant at McDonnell Douglass for the DOD. what might they have now? it could be anything. the ex head of Lockheed's skunkworks at Area 51 made a deathbed statement that we have everything in StarTrek and Star Wars and more and that we have the tech to take ET home.

  15. bassem jaber says:

    WARNING : too much ads don't bother watching

  16. a British guy looking for American military secrets ………yea right!

  17. Lisa Lisa says:

    hey asshole op, if you want people to watch this video, don't cover it with a bunch of links that lead to the same fucking thing. especially after every singe fucking ad, which btw there are about 20! some poeple (like me) are hooked up to tvs with hdmi's and shit and have to get up after every fucking ad, x out out of them and then x out of all three of your bullshit links just to see the fucking video FUCK YOU!

  18. Dew Drop says:

    Wow great! Another Fake Video looool!!

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