The Hidden Truth Behind Disney Films – The Pixar Theory [Documentary]


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  1. Mr. Doodle says:

    your copying a script on paper word for word I know it

  2. Randy L says:

    Do you suppose the people at Pixar actually set the movies up with this theory in mind?

  3. this one is alright. but the theory that Buy N Large and their creations are behind all the apocalyptic parts the theory is better

  4. The Whole Theory is wrong, all comparing to boo is wrong because coming in 2017, A New Movie Called Boo, comes out and its all about boo in monsters inc. when the movie comes out, check your theory SIR!

  5. so a 3 years old girl made toys and animals be able to think and act like humans(and i was thinking i was crazy )XDDDDD

  6. noobshrine says:

    Does anyone remember Meet the Robinsons, Bolt or even Chicken Little

  7. saztan ben says:

    they are just films for enjoyment. they don't link together.

  8. Sam Dawkins says:

    why do people talk about this shit? these movies are just fiction stories written to entertain kids and force there parents to give money away for tickets. it doesn't even make sense to think they are all connected. do you really think all the writers from diff projects are worried about this sort of shit when they make kids movies? believing this is like believing the world is 6000yrs old

  9. where does bugs life fit in?


  11. Feralshewolf says:

    Wow, Just wow, he did this well! i cant lie, but im gonna stick with "just good stories" and that people are just paranoid XD but i have to say man…. Good Job XD !!!

  12. UrusVerra says:

    So far the only thing I see that doesn't add up is the fact that humans left BEFORE the planet was polluted, while ads and news from Wall-E clearly show that they left after.

    But seriously, I love that theory. It makes already awesome movies much more interesting to watch))

  13. You Forgot About The Incredibles

  14. this guy takes it waaaaaaay to seriously, I mean cars can talk too if its Disney, right?

  15. Hey just so u know this got outdated. The good dinosaur takes place before brave

  16. ever thought Boo really is the witch in Brave? why? think like this: the witch is really old, but Monster's inc. is actually a flashback in the witch eyes.

  17. Jeff Guzman says:

    what about up and a bugs life

  18. the room that the witch is in was boos room!

  19. dorinmtv says:

    They are just movies,how can anyone come with this stupid theories? god you are brainwashed,just like the bible,everyone understood different shit from it,but none that can be proved real!

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