The Hidden World Found in Symbols


Eric Draven

In order to fully grasp and understand society, control, agendas, it helps to understand symbols and why they are prevalent.

Symbols are a part of our daily lives but for most people they often go unseen. During our lives, at some point or another, every human being experiences an “a-ha” moment. That millisecond of conscious thought, in time and space, when someone realizes that the world is nothing like they thought it was. From that moment on, they start seeing the world in a whole new way. It is almost as if the proverbial rose-colored glasses simply fell to the ground and got stepped on, breaking the chains that bound this person to a certain set of beliefs which dictated how they saw the world.

The Hidden World Found in Symbols

If you spend some time in the big city watching the hundreds of people mindlessly strolling along, you will realize that the majority of individuals tend to look downward towards the ground. This obviously has implications on how they see and interact with the world. However, every once in a while, some break free and have looked up to the moon, the stars and a bigger reality around them and nothing can be the same again.

Even the most seemingly innocent symbols have meaning hidden in them. Those in branding and marketing, the mad men of Madison Avenue, as well as those in power have an astute understanding of symbolism while most of the population is still looking downward muddling through life. Most choose not to, or have not opened their eyes to the knowledge or understanding of what’s around them and how the manipulations by the few control the many. Symbols are one of the vehicles in which hidden messages and archetypes have a way of subtly influencing society.

“Occult” Simply Means “Hidden”

The word occult has a negative connotation in most people’s perception of it, however it literally can be defined as “hidden.” Many occult messages are found in symbols discovered all throughout history whether it’s the famous illuminati symbol of the all seeing eye, old Egyptian symbols, as well as many religious symbols which can be found throughout architecture all over Europe in the Western world. Many times there are hidden meanings in symbols, which are only known by a few, while the masses are taught an entirely different re-presentation of a certain symbol.

What is the true meaning of the capstone of a pyramid?

What is the all Seeing Eye?

Why are gargoyles prevalent in old world architecture?

Does the cross have multiple meanings?

Why are secret societies into the occult?

Are there hidden powers in symbols?

In the early part of this 21st century books such as Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code introduced symbols to the mainstream population, and a whole new generation of people started researching secret societies, special human bloodlines, secret agendas and other topics found within the book.

The above questions can be understood through the work of Jordan Maxwell a long time scholar of the occult and the esoteric. Since 1959 Jordan has done extensive lectures on this topic as well as appearing on over 600 radio shows. Below is a must watch lecture on the hidden meaning of symbols for those who want to be able to go beyond and further than what was started for many with Dan Brown’s book. As Jordan humbly states “I am simply an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge”. This lecture is filled with over two hours of information in symbols and it is a good starting point on your pursuit of extraordinary hidden knowledge.


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2 Responses

  1. common law p.a.g. Chris says:

    And NOTE: the MO Loch Illuminati OWL in the Top Right, Left curl of the Shield, on Face of the One Dollar / Dolar/ Taler Bill Debt NOTE; promise to PAY some DAY mayBE or mayBE NOT? (Get a good Magnify Glass to find this Trick)
    Have we NOT been deceived by Treachery in Evil SPELLings by Switchcraft? is NOT: Sol =Sun; AH= pagan god; Mon =man; now called “Solomon”?
    Was NOT AB= from, of, by,; RA= pagan Sun god; Shem the Shemite/ SOD omite/ MO SODomite/ today Sodomy NOW called? “Abraham” formerly also know as AB RAHm?
    Were NOT the CON-jurers of the High YAHooDAi HooD of the Black Robe Mystery Ba Ba’al YAHn High Archons of the EmPireror the precise ones cAH ELed for a special AHsemBa’alie termed a
    “COven ti cAH EL” to Black Arts craft by occult spELs of the BrotherHOOD of HA sHAtan to RE-CON-struct and specifically select the CHOSEN versions. of script jures (special written legal CODIFY laws), with deceitful version[s] of some stories specially included and EX-cluded or Twisted to CHANGE the original intent[s] of the much Loved Stories?
    Did NOT: Flavius AH G[j] US t US CONstantinus a.k.a Constantine the Great / cAH Czar or KA Czar / “Caesar” now the CONqueror WHOm assembled the COVEN to craft the NEW univerally accept AB EL “Bible” or By Ba’al?
    They do NOT call Lucifer- HA sHAtan or Satan the “great Deceiver” for Nuthin’?
    He is a very crafty Devil for sure? PRAY for TRUTH

    • Elaine says:

      There is much more to it than that. Yes, there is a darker side….however, for balance in all creation, there is a negative and positive pole. On the other side it is Light. WE HAVE TO CHOOSE.
      It isn’t all about evil spells, “treachery” with a downward spiral. There is also the Eye of God Always Looking In On Our to see which side we will choose. Will it to be to follow the darker side like the Illuminati that you speak of. OR, will we follow the EYE of GOD always there for us; always watching us; and waiting for us to reach out to that Energy of Love vs. Power and Control of the Evil Ones…the ones who seek to rule over us.

      In all science, remember this….there is always a positive pole and a negative pole of everything in creation; or, everything would simply fly apart.

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