The History of American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973 (1999)


During the Vietnam War, the first U.S. prisoner to be sent to Hoa Lo was Lieutenant, Junior Grade Everett Alvarez Jr., who was shot down on August 5, 1964.


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  1. mrearlygold says:

    I wonder what I would do to someone, a stranger or a lot of strangers if I caught up to them after they dropped bombs on my home, my hometown, or shot  neighbors ( or worse ) maybe killed my sister, my parents. I'd have to think about it , what do you think you would do in a similar circumstance? Run? hide? Resist? Fight?

  2. Enjoyable and very informative video! However, the subject of the photograph at 37:38 is not Robinson Risner!

  3. amazingdany says:

    The US gvt abandoned thousands of them after the war by not paying the reconstruction money to Hanoi so they said "no money, no pow".

    Imagine all them thinking "they have left us" and the families not getting closure because that jihadist-loving Mccain stopped every attempt to get them back.

    I get angry just thinking of it.

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