The Illuminati and Madonna’s Denial in Song


My latest video: “The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY” …


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  1. It's just for show Global, relax, it doesn't mean anything….you're getting veerry sleeeppyyy. Nothing to see here folks, lol. But seriously, great vid as always! Funny Madonna is the one down-playing the" IllumiNUTTY". Go figure. Just by chance I was listening to Kasey Kasem top 40 Dec 1979 the other day and WOW! Talk about night and day, good and evil, as compared to now. Peace and Godspeed!

  2. That must be the worst song I ever heard
     but if the old trash can is whelping about the illuminati its because looks like too many people are catching on sickening

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